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Preciosa Hotfix Crystals Can Transform Your Dance Costume

May 06, 2022 2 min read

Transform Your Dance Costume With Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

Do you have a Ballgown, Theatre Costume or Competition Leotard that is lovely... but is in need of a certain " Je ne sais quoi"? Transform your garments from ‘splendid’ to ‘absolutely stunning’ with an easily applied touch of sparkle with the help of Preciosa Hotfix Crystals.


The Basics

There are two tools that are considered essential for any embellishment and are the key to making any project a smooth and enjoyable experience. You need a way to effectively pick up and place your Preciosa hotfix crystals and the easiest way to swiftly do this, is with the Doubled Ended Picker Pen.

You also need a safe place to store your crystals and the Magic Sorting Tray not only holds your crystals, but also has an inbuilt texture that flips the crystals the right way up when you shake it.


Hotfix Crystals

For this you want specifically "Hotfix" Crystals, because they have a layer of glue on the back that reacts to heat. If it doesn’t state “Hotfix” in the product description, there will be no layer of glue and you will need a separate Fabric Glue. When looking at the back of the crystal you will be able to see the glue as you tilt it in the light; Serinity Hotfix Flatbacks and Swarovski Hotfix Crystals will have a dot of glue over a rose gold backing and Preciosa Hotfix Crystals have a rolled-on layer of glue over their matt silver backing.


Hotfix Applicator

Hotfix crystals need heat to activate the glue, this is where the Bluestreak Crystals Hotfix Tool shines. This handheld heat tool provides a specific point of heat, perfect for doing detailed Hotfix designs. It comes with a selection of tip sizes and a little stand that keeps the hot tip safely up away from the table surface.

When using the tool remember the metal part gets HOT by design, so always hold it by the silicon handle and take care when pressing down onto your crystals. If the fabric is synthetic, it might melt if you hold for too long.

There are different techniques for hotfix, however we find the best method is to place the crystals, glue side down, onto the fabric and then press the metal tip onto to crystal and hold for 10 – 20 seconds, depending on the size of the crystal.



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