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Create Stunning Clothing With Swarovski Sew-On Crystals

February 14, 2020 2 min read

Create Your Own Stunning Clothing with Swarovski Sew-On Crystals

Looking to create beautiful, stand-out clothing? Why not invest in the superb quality Swarovski sew-on crystals range?

This incredible collection features striking sew-on crystals which can be used in a wide range of projects. Whether you’re looking to embellish your own clothing, or you're ready to start a new and lucrative business, these crystals are a great investment. Find out more about how you can use them to create stunning pieces of clothing below.


Fancy outerwear

Outerwear isn’t always known for its stylish, glamorous designs. However, with Swarovski sew-on crystals, you can add a bit of bling to your jackets and coats. All you’ll need is the sew-on crystal buttons to create a subtle, yet luxurious design.

Simply switch the jacket buttons for our sew-on Swarovski crystal buttons, and see just how much of a difference it can make.


Luxurious lingerie

Did you know you can also use our Swarovski sew-on crystals to create luxurious lingerie? The lingerie market is huge, and if you can introduce more luxurious, glamorous designs, you’ll find it a particularly lucrative business venture.

You can use the sew-on crystal shapes or sew-on sequins to create beautiful outlines along the bra. Or you could create your own unique patterns across the cups of the bra. You could also use the sew-on crystals to create glitzy knickers.



Another fab way to use these crystals is to add them to party wear. Whether it’s a jumpsuit or a party dress, adding these sew-on crystals is sure to create a more glamorous and luxurious party outfit.

You’ll have a lot of design options here too. You could add the sew-on buttons for a more original look, or use crystal shapes to create intricate designs.


Costume designs

Excited to get started in costume design? Or maybe you’re looking to expand your existing costume design business? If so, these sew-on crystals can really help. Check out our collection of sew-on sequins, guaranteed to set your costume designs apart from the crowd. They offer maximum sparkle, and come in a massive choice of colours.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can use Swarovski sew-on crystals to create your own stunning clothing. Why not browse our full range today? You can also save money if you buy in bulk with our great wholesale discounts. For those planning on ordering at least £100 of products per month, you can also save more money with our trade account. Contact us to find out more, or fill in our form on the website.