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Create Striking Irish Dance Dress with Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

July 18, 2020 2 min read

Create Striking Irish Dance Dress Designs with Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

When it comes to Irish dance dresses, the more sparkling and attention-grabbing they are, the better. You’ll find the market is quite competitive, making it difficult to stand out if you’re just getting started. However, there are ways to create stand-out, beautiful Irish dresses without breaking the bank. Here, you’ll learn how Preciosa hotfix crystals can help you to create striking Irish dress designs.


Available in a stunning range of colours

Preciosa hotfix crystals come in a wide range of stunning colours. Amethyst, aqua, burgundy, Capri blue and yellow are just some of the colour options available. You can use a variety of colours on your Irish dance dresses to ensure they stand out.

Each crystal boasts a stunning shine that will capture audience attention. As the dress sways and moves in time with the dance, the crystals will shine perfectly under the lighting. If you’re not sure what type of designs to use, you can always look for inspiration online. Type in “Irish dance dresses”, and you’ll find thousands of pictures available to help you come up with design ideas.


Affordable yet beautiful

One of the great benefits of using Preciosa hotfix crystals on your Irish dance dresses is that they're affordable. They're sold at a slightly lower price than Swarovski hotfix crystals, yet they still produce a beautiful shine.

However, you can make them even more affordable to work with, simply by taking advantage of our wholesale packs. You don’t need to be a member to benefit from our standard wholesale prices. Just pick your crystals as usual, and then select “wholesale pack” before adding them to your basket.

If you’d like to make the biggest savings, sign up for our trade account. You'll need to spend a minimum of £100 per month, but the savings you get are excellent.

Remember, in order to create beautiful Irish dance dresses, you’re going to need more than just the crystals. Browse our range of accessories to ensure you have everything you need to add Preciosa hotfix crystals to your dresses.

When you’re working on Irish dance dresses, it's important to make them as glitzy and unique as possible. Preciosa crystals are a great way to achieve this at an affordable cost. Browse the full range of these stunning crystals today, and make great savings with our low-cost wholesale prices.