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Personalise Your Xmas Gifts With Serinity Flatback Crystals

December 07, 2022 2 min read

Personalise your gifts for friends and family this Christmas With Serinity Crystals

This Christmas we at Bluestreak Crystals are embracing the concept of personalisation. We love how an item that is lovely when purchased, can then be given a unique personality with a deliberately chosen touch of sparkle. With a dab of glue and a crystal or two, an item that was the same as a million others can suddenly become truly a one of a kind. Here we take a closer look at some of the most easy and popular ways to customise your intended gift with Serinity Flatback Crystals.


Anything can be made extra special

A commonly customised item is the removable phone case. Simply grab a Serinity Crystal Mix that suits the colour scheme of your case and use a Magic Sorting Tray to hold the loose crystals. Choose a strong and versatile tacky glue such as our Ninja SuperTite Fusion Tack, which will dry clear and waterproof.


Personalising christmas gifts with Serinity crystals


To ensure an accurate dot of glue we suggest using an applicator bottle and use a Wax Picker Tool for super easy crystal application, it’ll feel as easy as painting with a brush in no time! It is worth visualising in advance where you intent to place your crystals, so that you can choose the most appropriate embellishment style for your project. Straight rows that either form a grid or honeycomb pattern are great for solid coverage and a random scatter is great for a big impact with fewer crystals. 


Say it with crystals

Serinity Flatback Crystals that are SS7 or smaller are great for embellishing letters, meaning you are able to emblazon any item with the recipient’s name or a meaningful message. When crystalising italicised letters we recommend combining at least three crystal sizes to allow for how the line can fluctuate between thick and thin as seen in most calligraphy.


Make a gift unique by adding sparkle with Serinity Flatback Crystals



You can sew them on too

Give the gift of both warmth and stunning style this Christmas buy giving a garment customised with Serinity Sew on Crystals. These have specially designed holes cut through them, making them perfect for embellishing onto fabric using a needle and thread.


Sew on Serinity Crystals to make knitwear look fab for winter


Take care to make sure you have needles thin enough to pass through the sewing holes (these are usually beading needles) and you can choose between clear synthetic thread or natural fibre thread that colour matches with either the crystal or the underlying material.

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