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Preciosa Flatback Crystals : Neon UV Glow Festival Makeup

April 12, 2023 3 min read

Neon UV Glow Preciosa Flatback Crystals for makeup and nail art

Preciosa Flatback Crystals come in striking neon colours that glow under UV light and as a festival goer you know that there's nothing more exciting than experimenting with vibrant neon shades as part of your festival look. With every passing year, neon makeup looks become more and more intricate and detailed, offering partygoers an opportunity to express themselves through bold and bright colours. If you're looking to take your neon festival makeup game up a notch by glowing under the UV lights all night long, then you've come to the right place.


Stand out from the crowd with bold Preciosa Flatback Crystals

One of the key elements of any great neon festival makeup look is the use of Preciosa Flatback Crystals (also known as rhinestones). Not only do they add an extra layer of sparkle and shine, but they're also versatile enough to be used in a variety of looks. Whether you're going for a simple look, or something more elaborate and eye-catching, incorporating these crystals into your makeup routine will take your look to the next level.

Take a look at our fabulous range of colour popping Neon / UV Glow Preciosa Flatback Crystals. They are the perfect alternative to Swarovski Flatback Crystals and you can create any look you want with so many colours, sizes and shapes of crystals to choose from.

The video below on the Bluestreak Crystals YouTube video channel allows you to take a closer look at these amazing new range of Preciosa Rhinestone Crystals.

  • Neon Blue
  • Neon Green
  • Neon Orange
  • Neon Pink
  • Neon Violet
  • Neon Yellow



    How to add Crystals to your makeup look

    Here are a few ways in which you can use Preciosa Flatback Crystals and rhinestones to create the perfect neon festival makeup look: 

    1. Adding a Pop of Colour - If you want to keep things simple, yet still stand out from the crowd, then adding a few well-placed Preciosa Flatback Crystals in a bold and vibrant colour is a great way to do so. Use a bright eyeliner to create a winged look, and then add a few crystals over the top for extra sparkle and shine.
    2. Creating a Glittery Smoke Eye - One of the most popular neon makeup looks is the glittery smoke eye. To create this look, start by applying a black eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines. Next, apply a bright eyeshadow to the lid, blending it into the black liner. To add some extra sparkle, use a glittery eyeshadow or pigment, and then add a few rhinestones over the top.
    3. Adding Some Bling to Your Lips - One of the newest and most popular neon makeup trends is applying rhinestones to your lips for a bold and daring look. Start by applying a bright lipstick in the colour of your choice, and then add a few rhinestones along the outer edges of your lips.

    No matter how you choose to incorporate Preciosa Flatback Crystals and rhinestones into your neon festival makeup look, you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd. With so many different colours and sizes available, the only limit is your own imagination. So go ahead and let your creativity shine through with the perfect neon makeup look.


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