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4 Ways to Use Swarovski Flatback Crystals on Horse Tack

June 19, 2023 3 min read

4 Ways to Use Swarovski Flatback Crystals on Horse Tack

As a general rule, horse owners just love to make their horses look their very best. They really do value quality, and there’s also an increasing trend towards everything that sparkles. Whether they compete on their horses or just ride them at home, adults and children alike welcome the opportunity to look that little bit more eye-catching. Read on to discover four ways you can useSwarovski crystals to decorate horse tack for your customers.


Why Use Swarovski Crystals on Horse Tack?

When it comes to embellishing horse tack, there is no better choice than Swarovski Flatback crystals. Horse tack, comprising items like saddles, bridles, halters, and reins, plays a critical role in equestrian sports, and while its primary function is utility, the aesthetics of horse tack can significantly impact a rider's presentation and appeal. So, why should businesses consider Swarovski crystals for adorning horse tack? Here are just three good reasons:

Premium quality

Swarovski Flatback crystals are renowned for their exceptional quality, and their precision cut and high-quality lead glass composition ensure superior clarity and brilliance, adding a luxurious touch to any horse tack. These crystals are designed to withstand wear and tear, making them ideal for outdoor sports equipment like horse tack.

Variety and versatility

With a wide range of sizes, colours, and shapes, Swarovski Flatback crystals provide limitless possibilities for customisation. Whether it's a subtle sparkle on a bridle or an intricate design on a saddle, the crystals allow businesses to cater to various styles and preferences.

Competitive edge

In the competitive equestrian market, offering Swarovski-embellished horse tack can give your business a unique selling point. It positions your brand as a provider of high-end, luxury equestrian products, appealing to discerning customers looking for exceptional and personalised tack.

How to Use Swarovski Flatback Crystals on Horse Tack: 4 ways


For even the most reserved of riders, a sparkly browband is a must-have.Swarovski flatback crystals are great quality, easy to work with, and really set off a bridle beautifully. Chunkier browbands for heavier-set horses could suit larger or more outlandish designs, whereas you could choose to add a few strategically placed crystals on the more delicate browbands. Having said that, there’s no need to limit yourself – let the creativity flow!


Saddle cantles lend themselves to decoration. That back area of the saddle is mostly flat, and catches the eye as you’re riding away from someone. Embellishing a customer’s cantle with Swarovski flatback crystals will make them stand out whether they’re starting the show season, hacking out with friends, or just schooling in the arena. Your customers could even add some sparkle to their horses’ tails, to make a fully coordinated look.


Breastplates are already stylish, and lend themselves to bling. A smattering of crystals will create an understated look, whereas a complete covering of sparkle will really attract the right kind of attention! You could decorate pretty much any part of the breastplate, as long as the crystals don’t come into contact with the horse – the girth area is really the only place you’d need to avoid.

Stirrup leathers

A few select stirrup leather companies have caught onto the fact that you can bling the very ends of the leather, but it’s not yet commonplace. One or two Swarovski flatback crystals will add that extra something to your customers’ leathers.

Create dazzling tack affordably

Decorating horse tack with Swarovski flatback crystal embellishments can be cost-effective without compromising on quality. Our beautiful crystals are reasonably priced, but to buy larger numbers at even better value, try one of our Swarovski wholesale crystals. Many business owners consider opening a trade account with us. For a minimum spend of £200 per order, you will be able to access all the very best deals and discounts for your business.

A Note on Using Swarovski Crystals 

Since Swarovski updated its policy in 2020, the company now allows only businesses to buy Swarovski crystals. This change reflects Swarovski's commitment to promoting high-quality craftsmanship and preserving the luxury status of their products, but what does this mean for businesses embellishing horse tack with Swarovski crystals? Put simply, this means that the horse tack adorned with these premium crystals should be intended for sale, not for personal use. 

While this may seem restrictive, it offers businesses an excellent opportunity to create and sell high-value, personalised equestrian products. Horse tack adorned with Swarovski crystals can be sold through various online platforms like Etsy, eBay, or your business website, creating a lucrative side-hustle or even a full-time business! If you’re looking to buy authentic Swarovski Crystals, we at Bluestreak Crystals offer one of the widest range of Swarovski crystals, rhinestones and pearls - take a look at our website or contact us for further details.


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