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Serinity Nail Art Starter Kit of Flatback Crystals (Non Hotfix) - Black Box

Serinity Crystals are made in Austria and are the highest quality lead free glass-cut crystals on the market, with extra facets and platinum foiling for outstanding brilliance and sparkle, only matched by the world's leading brand of crystals.

This starter kit of Serinity Crystals is perfect for anyone starting out with using crystals for embellishment or nail art and provides a good selection of crystals in different shapes and colours.

Each pack contains nearly 430 crystals as follows:

  • Serinity Flatbacks SS3, Crystal or Crystal AB, pack of 50
  • SerinityFlatbacks SS5, Crystal or Crystal AB, pack of 50
  • SerinityFlatbacks SS7, Crystal or Crystal AB, pack of 50
  • SerinityFlatback Mini Shapes Mix, Crystal or Crystal AB, pack of 30
  • Serinity Flatback Colour Mix, pack of 250
  • Wax Pencil x 1
  • Bluestreak Crystals Storage Pots x 3
  • Bluestreak Crystals Nail Art Flyer x 1

    Please note that alternative shapes and sizes and colour mixes may be used depending on availability.

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            RoseAnna Johansson
            Bling bling

            Those are really good quality