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9030 Swarovski® Jewellery Glue CG 610 (A+B) Two Component Epoxy Resin - 50ml & 750ml

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Swarovski® Jewellery Glue CG 610 (A+B) two-component epoxy resin glue was specially developed for gluing Swarovski® Crystals of very small sizes from size PP0. Depending on the area of application the adhesive can be used for Swarovski® Crystals up to the size of PP14.

Key features:

  • Suitable for gluing very small crystals (starting with size PP 0
  • Low viscosity allows an easier dosing of small glue quantities
  • Cost saving due to long pot life (140 min.)

    Mixing CG 610 (A+B) two-component glue

    The 50 ml cartridge of CG 610 (A+B) is designed in a way that the containing resin and harder do not have to be mixed together by the user. Just attach a dispensing gun and the mixing nozzle to the cartridge and start gluing.

    When using glue of the 750 ml box, resin and hardener have to be mixed in a different way. First, weigh the two glue components at a ratio of 100 : 48 (resin : hardener). It is very important to keep an exact mixing ratio of the two components to achieve maximum adhesion. Mix the two components well for at least one minute. Only a fully homogenous mixture leads to the desired results. When a homogenous mixture is achieved, put the glue into a dispenser/syringe and attach a dispensing tip.

    Each 50ml pack contains:

    • 33.3ml Epoxy Resin
    • 16.7ml Hardener

    Each 750ml pack contains:

    • 500ml Epoxy Resin
    • 250ml Hardener

    Please note that a dispensing gun is required for these glues, which is not included w

    ith this product.

    Please allow 5-10 working days dispatch for the 750ml glue which is not held in stock.

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