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Swarovski® Product Information


With their virtually limitless application possibilities, Swarovski crystals are one of today’s most exciting, versatile and attractive means for transforming fashion, home and lifestyle accessories into one-of-a-kind sparkling personality pieces.

Advanced Crystal - Swarovski’s patented lead-free* formula has changed the DNA of crystal while still off ering the same sparkle, dependability, and variety for which Swarovski is famous.


These loose crystal elements feature a round view-side and have a range of different cuts such as the XIRIUS Chaton – the most brilliant cut on the market. The majority of Round Stones are pointed on the reverse side, making them easy to use with metal claw settings or with die-cast, metal alloys that have pre-set cavities into which they can be either pasted or glued.


Flat Backs No Hotfix are backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. Flat Backs are easy to apply to a variety of carrier materials using standard one or two-component glues. They are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts. The most important single item in this product group is the XILION Rose 2058 – the most brilliant and clearly differentiated cut. Flat Backs Hotfix Flat Backs Hotfix have a flat reverse side that has been pre-coated with a heat sensitive glue. Flat Backs can be easily applied to a large range of textile carrier materials using heat to produce a durable and long-lasting crystal effect. They are available in a multitude of colors, shapes, and cuts, the most important single item being the XILION Rose 2038. The increased light reflection and warmer appearance of the XILION Rose are achieved through a unique new silver mirror on the reverse side, while the stone’s optimized geometry enhances the brilliance and intensifies the color.


Sew-on Stones can be easily sewn onto any type of textile or accessory. They come in two- or three-hole varieties, including round, oval, and triangle holes for use in a wide range of decorative applications for fine embroidery or even jewelry. Sew-on Articles have rounded edges on the hole entry and exit areas to guarantee thread protection. The assortment offers a great variety of colors and effects to turn textiles and fashion accessories into bespoke luxury items.


Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone-inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. Showing either a facetted or flat reverse side, Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision-cut facets assure the highest brilliance and endow design ideas with a unique sparkle. Settings are unplated brass components, each specifically tailored to a Fancy Stone, that secure the crystal and allow for a myriad of application possibilities including but not limited to sewing, soldering and gluing.


Beads offer the highest standard available on the market. The high-quality precision cutting and the clear through-hole achieve high brilliance and clarity. Rounded hole edges reduce the wear on thread and increase the durability of designs. The assortment is divided into classic, romantic, and progressive shape characteristics. They are available in the latest fashion colors, effects, and cuts. BeCharmed Beads with Swarovski engraving are now available in the Beads assortment. A wide range of colors and effects opens up endless possibilities for different combinations and designs. The main application techniques are beading, wiring, stringing, and weaving.


Crystal Pearls are divided into three lines. The classic Crystal Pearls colors for perfect replicas of genuine pearls, Crystal Pearls Gem colors, and Crystal Pearls Neon colors. Crystal Pearls are made of a unique crystal core covered with an innovative pearl coating, which features a flawless, silky smooth, rounded surface. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are delivered loosely threaded or, if desired, also knotted. Different hole diameters are available to accommodate a range of applications.


Pendants have timeless elegance and are available in a large range of classical and avant-garde cuts and shapes, as well as in many colors and effects. Pendants offer a whole range of design possibilities thanks to their easy application, with the hole on top requiring only a jump ring/pinch bail with a chain, or cord. Because of the diverse range of sizes available, Pendants are ideal for creating jewelry sets such as necklace, bracelet, and earrings.


Transfers are ideal for the hotfix application on all kinds of textiles. They are available in a large range of motifs and numbers of rows, which are made up of different articles from the Flat Back Hotfix assortment. Featuring designs from the in-house design team, they can comprise XILION Roses, Ringed XILION Roses, or Creation Stones, as well as Metallics and Cabochons.


Crystal-it, Crystal Fabric-it, Crystaltex-it, Crystaltex-it Chaton, and Crystal Tattoos are eye catching and innovative products that come ready to apply. They are pressure sensitive and self-adhesive. When applied to paper and solid surfaces, they can create elegant, romantic, or sporty designs. Plastic Trimmings Plastic Trimmings are carrier materials made of plastic into which different loose crystals have been integrated. These multi-functional products can be either hand or machine sewn or glued onto various surfaces. The range of bandings not only offers the large color selection of Chatons, but also a variety of casing colors. Metal Trimmings Metal Trimmings are semi-finished metal products. They can be sewn by hand or machine, or can be mechanically applied onto different fabrics or other materials.


Crystal Buttons can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment of available buttons ranges from those for shirts, blouses, jackets and coats, to buttons for denim wear and accessories. They are suitable for hand- and mechanical application. The assortment includes Crystal Buttons, Buttons with Plastic Shanks, Jeans and Decorative Buttons as well as Snap- and Magnet Fasteners in a variety of sizes, colors and effects. Zippers from Swarovski are unique because the crystals are integrated into the zipper teeth, allowing them to be used in the same way as standard zippers.


These products are metal chains and findings that can integrate either Round or Fancy Stones and Beads into any creative design. They can be divided into eight sub-categories: Single Stone Settings, Cupchains and Brass Components, Multistone Settings, Fancy Multi Settings, Channels, Metal Buttons and Filigrees, Rondelles, and Linked Findings. Each of these groupings is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and platings.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart & Guide

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide