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Swarovski Application Techniques


By criss-crossing one or more times through Beads strung on a thread, various 2-D and 3-D beading patterns can be created. Also, Pearls or Pendants may be used to achieve marvellous design variations.


This technique is based on the usage of various clay materials (e.g. Swarovski Ceralun TM) into which Swarovski crystals such as Chatons & Round Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Fancy Stones can be integrated.


Different Swarovski crystals such as Beads, Crystal Pearls and Pendants can be used for this technique. They are strung on a thread, which can then be used in a lot of crocheting patterns with a crochet hook.


For the embellishment of paper and a temporary application on a lot of other surfaces, Swarovski has developed Crystal-it. Its special adhesive allows for quick and easy
application on materials ranging from paper to wood, ceramic and glass.


Many Swarovski crystals can be wired. Beads, Crystal Pearls and Pendants are flexible enough to be used with various diameters and coatings.


This is the perfect technique for adding sparkle to different kinds of fabrics using Rivets from Swarovski. A combination of Metal Rivets with a variety of Swarovski crystals gives every design a unique appearance!


Chain Mail is based on the use of jump rings, which allow various looks to be created using different chain mail techniques. Incorporate Pendants, Beads or Crystal Pearls from Swarovski to get the perfect unique and sparkling jewelry piece or accessory.


Swarovski offers Flat Backs and Transfers with special hotfix glue on the backside of the crystals to apply them quickly and easily by using heat – for example an iron
without steam holes.


Swarovski crystals – preferably Round Stones and Fancy Stones – can be conveniently positioned in settings made of various materials such as metal or plastic, with or without prongs.


A wide range of Swarovski crystals can be sewn onto different materials. Depending on the material, sewing can either be done by hand or a standard sewing machine.


Various kinds of knots are suitable for fastening or securing ropes, strings or even chains, from linear or flat knots to three dimensional varieties. Complex knotting systems are known as macramé.


This technique is based on a procedure whereby Swarovski crystals are integrated into resin. Preferably use Round Stones, Fancy Stones and Flat Backs, but Beads, Crystal Pearls or Sew-on Stones also work well. There are no boundaries for creativity.


All Swarovski crystals with one or more holes can be used for various weaving techniques and for various thread materials. There are no limits to the creativity and complexity of the weaving pattern.


Gluing Swarovski crystals adds a sparkle to a wide range of materials such as metal, wood, plastic, cork, etc. Flat Backs No Hotfix and Swarovski crystals with a flat back side are especially appropriate for gluing.


Beads, Crystal Pearls, Pendants and all other drilled Swarovski crystals can simply
be strung onto threads of various sizes and kinds. Endless variations of sequence and colour range offer unlimited possibilties for easy-to-achieve designs.


When strung on a yarn, drilled Swarovski crystals (i.e. Beads, Crystal Pearls and pendants) can be incorporated into any basic knitting pattern. Swarovski crystals will enhance the different textures that can be achieved through the use of various yarns and knitting needles.


Quilting is a sewing method that joins two or more layers of fabric to make a thicker material. It can be done using a special quilting machine, a regular sewing machine, or by hand. Sew-on Stones, Fancy Stones, Beads and Flat Backs (Hotfix and No Hotfix) from the Swarovski assortment are all well suited for quilting.


Swarovski Crystals Size Chart & Guide
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