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Bluestreak Crystals® Area Calculator for Embellishment

the bluestreak crystals area calculator allows you to work our how many crystals you will need for your embellishment projects


For all embellishment / crafting projects, it's important to calculate how many crystals are needed to cover the area to be embellished. This is important for two reasons; (a) so that you can calculate the cost of crystals to provide your client with a quote and (b) to ensure that you order the correct number of crystals to complete the project.

Step 1 - Area To Be Embellished

First you need to calculate the area to be covered by using our Area Calculator (if you know the area to be covered you can skip to the second calculator below).

Step 2 - Number Of Crystals

Once you have calculated the area to be covered, you can calculate approximately how many crystals will be needed to cover the area using our Crystal Calculator. Our Crystal Calculator will also indicate how many wholesale pack are needed to complete the project.


Bluestreak Crystals have developed a custom Area Crystal Calculator in Microsoft Excel which can be downloaded. Please note - you will need to enable macros for the calculator to work.