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Your Guide to Applying Swarovski Hotfix Crystals to Fabric

February 27, 2020 2 min read

Your Guide to Applying Swarovski Hotfix Crystals to Fabric

Swarovski hotfix crystals can be used to embellish a wide variety of items. However, they are most commonly used on fabrics.If you want to ensure you apply them correctly to fabric, there are a few tips you’ll want to follow. Here, we’ll reveal a brief guide for applying Swarovski hotfix crystals to fabric.

Check that the fabric is suitable

The first thing you’ll want to do is check that the fabric you want to use is suitable for hotfix application. In order to stick the crystals onto the material, it’s going to need to be able to absorb the glue.

A very quick way to test this is to apply a drop of water to the fabric. If it absorbs it, it’s going to absorb the glue. You’ll find most fabrics will successfully pass the absorption test. The materials you’ll really struggle with include waxy, shiny fabrics.

Make use of an applicator

We highly recommend investing in a good quality applicator. This won’t just make it easier to apply the Swarovski hotfix crystals, it'll also improve precision and make it less messy.

We stock a selection of applicators suitable for hotfix crystal application. It's a good idea to research each tool to see how they compare. Using the right applicator, wait for the glue to heat up before applying the crystal to the fabric. If you don’t wait long enough, it isn’t going to stick as well.

You can also use the applicator to fix any crystals which are applied in the wrong place. You can simply use the side of the applicator to gently nudge the crystal into its correct position. If the crystal gets stuck in the applicator, use a pin to dislodge it.

Creating beautiful patterns

If you’re looking to create specific patterns on the fabric, you can use wash-away markers. These allow you to mark where each crystal needs to go. Once you’ve applied the crystals, you can then wash the fabric to eliminate the markers.

When washing fabric embellished with Swarovski hotfix crystals, you’ll need to ensure you’re washing them on a gentle cycle. Treat them as you would any item of delicate clothing.

The above is just a brief guide on how to apply Swarovski hotfix crystals to fabric. Making sure you’re using the best adhesive, and knowing how to create patterns without permanently marking the material, will really help you to create long-lasting, beautiful designs.