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Personalise Your Wedding with Preciosa Beads & Crystals

January 29, 2021 2 min read

Personalise Your Wedding with Preciosa Beads & Crystals

If you’re planning your wedding, or perhaps helping a friend or family member plan theirs, Preciosa beads could be the perfect way to personalise your outfit for the big day. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, there’s no limit to your possible creations. Whether you’re after a tiara, a choker, or even a garter, you’ll be able to create your vision with Preciosa beads.

A tiara to remember

However you plan on wearing your hair for your wedding, a tiara adds an extra flash of elegance. While there are many beautiful ready-made tiaras available online, why not create a truly personalised look using Preciosa Beads? Simply purchase some steel wire and a selection of your favourite beads. For design inspiration, search ‘Preciosa beads tiaras’ online.

Turn old to new with a modern garter

A bride wearing a garter is an age-old tradition, and conventionally, garters are made of fabric. Choose some small beads in a pale colour to create a feminine, discrete garter, or make a louder statement with larger beads that vary in colour and shape. A garter made of Preciosa beads adds a modern twist to an old idea, and will also add sparkle to that pseudo-intimate wedding photo!

A choker to finish the outfit

A stunning choker made from sparkling Preciosa beads is a great way to finish your wedding outfit. The beauty of making your own neckwear is that it can be as subtle or as prominent as you wish. A choker can be as thin as a centimetre – or it can stretch up your neck and rest over your collar bone. As with any purpose made piece of jewellery, your Preciosa bead choker will set off your outfit and reflect your personality.

Don’t forget the bridesmaids

Although the bride is the priority in terms of getting her outfit just right, remember that the bridesmaids – if you choose to have them – deserve a bit of sparkle too. Preciosa beads are suitable for creating many items, from earrings to necklaces to anklets. And the designs you can create are so varied, you’ll never end up with the same outfits as anyone else’s wedding!

If you’re planning a large wedding with many people in the wedding party needing outfits, you may want to consider purchasing one of our wholesale packs of Preciosa beads. If you’re planning on making personalised wedding accessories for other people, signing up for a trade account will give you access to the best discounts.