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How Can You Tell If Your Swarovski Crystal Beads Are Genuine?

June 08, 2018 2 min read

How Can You Tell If Your Swarovski Crystal Beads Are Genuine?

Swarovski crystal beads have become extremely popular in recent years. Providing a beautiful, cheaper alternative to the more expensive beads on the market, they’re available in a huge range of different designs. However, unfortunately, their popularity has led to a lot of imitation products being made and sold online.

If you’re looking to buy and use Swarovski crystal beads, it’s important to make sure you’re investing in genuine products. So, how exactly can you tell if your Swarovski bicone beads are genuine?

Choose an Swarovski approved supplier

Of course, the best way to guarantee the Swarovski round beads you’re buying are genuine is to buy them from a reliable and respected seller. At Bluestreak Crystals, we source our Swarovski crystals directly from the Swarovski factory in Austria. We’re able to prove the authenticity of our crystals, enabling you to buy with total peace of mind.

Check the suppliers Swarovski Certificate

An authorised supplier should display their Swarovski Authorised Certificate on their website, for example Bluestreak Crystals Swarovski Certificate. The name of the company you are purchasing from should make the company name on the Certificate, plus the certificate must be signed and in-date.

Other factors to consider

Swarovski creates their crystals with expert precision. It’s estimated they have around 32% lead oxide, compared to just 12% to 28% lead oxide in normal glass crystals. This essentially makes them heavier, and they reflect the light much more than standard crystals. So, if you’ve bought Swarovski crystal beads and they feel really light and don’t have an intense shine, it’s unlikely they’re genuine.

Finally, it’s highly unusual for Swarovski crystal beads to come already strung. They’re sold in loose packs, ready for you to string them yourself. So, if you come across a listing selling Swarovski crystal beads that are already strung, it’s a red flag to show they’re not authentic.

With so many fake Swarovski crystals out there, it’s crucial you do your research and know what to look out for. This will help you to identify genuine Swarovski crystal beads, and ensure you’re not wasting your money on fake products.