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Three Businesses you can start with our beautiful range of Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

December 08, 2020 2 min read

Three Businesses You Can Start with our beautiful range of Preciosa Hotfix Crystals

The coronavirus pandemic has created huge problems all over the world. As well as threatening our lives, it has also taken away many people’s livelihoods. If you’ve lost your job due to the pandemic, or if you’re simply looking for a little more stability, starting your own business could be a great idea.

If you’re the creative type, did you know you can create a business using Preciosa hotfix crystals? Below, you’ll discover 3 businesses you can start with these crystals, each with the potential to make a good income.

  • Card designs

If you love to get creative, why not use Preciosa hotfix crystals to set up a card design business? While non-hotfix crystals are better suited to card, you can use the hotfix crystals on specific elements of your designs. For example, you could add hotfix crystals to ribbon or bows which can be attached to the cards.

People are always in need of greeting cards. Whether it’s birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine's Day, there's a card to suit every occasion. This means a card design business has the potential to be a lucrative one; particularly if you’re using Preciosa elements.

  • Clothing embellishments

One of the best start-up business ideas with Preciosa hotfix crystals is clothing embellishment. Personalised T-shirts are a particular hit. However, you could use them to embellish any type of clothing and accessories. You could offer Preciosa enhanced scarves and bags. Or you could create your own unique crystal designs to be used on different pieces of clothing.

Provided you use a high-quality applicator and adhesive, alongside good-quality fabric, this could become a very lucrative business. 

  • Personalised gifts

Finally, you could use Preciosa hotfix crystals to create personalised gifts. Personalised gifts are always popular, as are Preciosa crystals. Put them together and you have a fantastic business idea! 

You can personalise so many different types of gifts. Preciosa hotfix crystals are best used on surfaces such as fabric. However, they can be used on a range of other materials, providing they can withstand heat. If you’re working with gifts that aren’t suitable for heat, you’d be better off using Preciosa non-hotfix crystals.

Whatever type of business you decide to start, it’s worth signing up for our trade account. As long as you spend £100 or more per month, you’ll benefit from significant wholesale discounts. However, you can still purchase all of our crystals in wholesale packs without a trade account. The amount you’ll pay will be slightly higher, but will still save you money compared to buying single packs.