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Bluestreak Crystals® Mobile App

shop for serinity, preciosa and estella crystals using the bluestreak crystals mobile app for iphone and android mobile and tablet devices


The Bluestreak Crystals Mobile App is available to download FREE from the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Our Mobile App provides access to our entire range of Serinity, Preciosa and Estella Crystals and allows you to shop easily on your mobile and tablet devices. Unfortunately, Swarovski Crystals are not available on our mobile app and can only be purchased by approved customers via our website.

What to expect with the Bluestreak Crystals Mobile App, you can find some example screens below:


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To download our mobile app, please scan the QR code below, or click on the appropriate app store buttons for your device:

Bluestreak Crystals mobile app QR code to install onto your mobile device