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Bluestreak Crystals® Embellishment & Repair Service

Bluestreak crystals embellishment and repair service


If you are looking to get an item or multiple items covered in crystals or an item repaired, the embellishment experts are here to help!

Our in-house experts offer a fast and professional, high quality embellishment / repair service that you won't find elsewhere. For niche and worldwide projects, we also have an extensive network of embellishment partners.

No request is too big or too small and we have the expertise and team in place to help with individual requests or large scale business projects i.e.

  • Personalised items for friends or family, or repairs
  • Businesses with large scale embellishment projects or ongoing repairs of products


Once we have received your request, we will ask you a few questions to confirm the exact requirements of the project and the crystals to be used. Once the requirements are confirmed, we will then provide you with a quote and a delivery date to complete the project. 


To submit your embellishment or repair request, please complete as many fields on the form below as possible and click the Submit Request button. One of our embellishment experts will get back to you in due course.