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Which Crystals Are Best For Nail Art?

July 23, 2022 2 min read

Which Crystals Are Best For Nail Art?

Did you know that when an economy falls into a financial crisis there are certain things that come back into fashion? An example that has been studied recently is high heels, the less money there is in the economy, the higher the heels go and vice versa. But what does this have to do with crystals on nails I hear you ask? Well, this shows how certain attributes of high status can flex in and out of fashion depending on what’s going on in the bigger picture… and given recent world events we can all agree that times are certainly going through a tough patch.

Fascinatingly however, one fashion trend that was booming before and is getting ever more popular by the day despite everything; is fiercely fabulous acrylic nails, and one rule is becoming clear. Much like a stiletto heel, the longer the better and if it’s covered in Serinity Crystals, it will trend on social media!

It is likely you have seen these fantastically long talons on the likes of Instagram or Pinterest, where a single 3-inch-long nail contains enough rhinestones on it to complete a small necklace. These are the high-end special occasion nail looks that would be expected on the red carpet on the hands of Billie Eilish or down the wedding aisle, completing an ultimate Bridal ensemble.

If you want some of that sparkling status symbol for yourself… whether it’s to outshine everyone at the Prom or simply have a small touch of sparkle that your colleagues will notice whenever you pick up your coffee, we have the crystals for you.

The average human nail is typically up to 1 inch in length, and this affects the size of the crystals you will choose. The most popular sizes for Serinity Rhinestones in nail art are SS3 – SS5 because they are so small you can fit a good number of them onto the nail, giving you maximum sparkle in the available space.

Serinity Crystal Shapes that are tapered at one end lend themselves to almond and stiletto styles of nails nicely and we know many famous nail technicians stock up on a few key shapes frequently. These include the 2304 Raindrop by Serinity, which shares an uncanny resemblance to the now heavily policed Swarovski Crystal of the same style. The 2205 Flame and the 2201 Marquise crystal shapes are also extremely popular because their measurements will fit on the average nail.

One thing to always remember, is you want specifically flatback crystals if you are applying the crystals yourself, professionals have the necessary mediums and powders to build the base required to set fancy stones and chatons securely. But with some nail glue and a few high-quality crystals, this stylish status symbol can be achieved by anyone who truly wants to shine.