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The Difference Between Preciosa & Serinity Crystals

August 06, 2022 2 min read

What Is The Difference Between Preciosa & Serinity Crystals

As the Swarovski stock that was bulk purchased over a year ago begins to dwindle, more and more people across the embellishment and nail art industries are finding themselves unable to purchase new Swarovski stock. This is because Swarovski updated their rules about who is allowed to purchase their products and now you need to apply and be authorised. You are either an official Swarovski approved customer, or you are scraping around to buy what’s left out there on the internet and if they’re sold out, you must find new options. This has left many feeling unsure about where to go for their future sparkle and the competition to be the next big bling supplier has been fraught.

An industry that has been hit especially hard is the world of nail art, and nail technicians across the globe have been trying to find replacements for the best sellers. We at Bluestreak have taken this seriously and have come up with a range of choices that cater to different needs and budgets. Our ideal match for Swarovski is Serinity and is our top of the market option for those who want an exact match. We also offer an affordable alternative range called Estella which is great for when you need large quantities of sparkle at a competitive price.

And then there is Preciosa; we are extremely proud of our Platinum Partner relationship with this prestigious company based in the Crystal Valley of the Czech Republic and they offer extremely strong competition against the likes of Serinity and Swarovski, however there are a few differences that matter when the tiniest details count. 

The most obvious difference is the slight variation in available colours, when you compare colour charts side by side you will see there is an impressive amount of overlap between the brands but because the named colours are manufactured separately by different companies there is no obligation to exactly colour match each other. Therefore, if you are replacing a missing crystal from a rhinestone embellishment it’s worth checking the colour physically first, our sample service or colour charts are the best ways to do this.

Another more advanced detail is the number of facets that can be found on their round flatback crystals in SS5 and above. Preciosa Flatbacks use the Chaton Rose Maxima design when cutting their glass crystals, which gives that familiar round cut that catches the light extremely well. Serinity Flatback Crystals and Swarovski Rhinestones on the other hand use a different cut on their larger round stones called Xillion Rose, this style has an extra number of facets that give a starburst appearance over the top of the crystal. This results in next level sparkle and is the result of each stone going through a longer manufacturing process and this extra effort is reflected in the price.

In short, when placed side by side with Serinity or Swarovski there are visible differences, but they are the result of different design choices made by the company and Preciosa is definitely going to be the answer many nail technicians and embellishers are looking for!