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Unique Project Ideas You Can Create with Swarovski Pearls

January 25, 2019 2 min read

Unique Project Ideas You Can Create with Swarovski Pearls

Swarovski pearls are simply beautiful, and they’re great for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re looking to create your own jewellery, or you’re searching for more unique ideas, there are lots of ways you can use these pearls in your projects.

To give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some great unique project ideas you can create with Swarovski pearls.

Add style and elegance to clothing

Typically, Swarovski pearls are largely used to create unique and elegant jewellery. However, did you also know they can be great for adding elegance to your clothing?

You can either sew them or glue them onto clothing to create specific patterns, depending upon which type of pearls you’ve invested in. We provide a great range of Swarovski pearls, offering drilled, half drilled and solid pearl varieties. So, whatever the project, you can be sure we have the best pearls to fit it.

Bling up accessories

Swarovski pearls can also be used to bling up your accessories. Think hats, gloves, scarves, chokers and even watch straps. You’ll find a lot of great inspiration, as well as tutorials, on sites such as Pinterest.

Adding a few pearls to the front of a bobble hat for example, can really transform it into a more adult, glamorous accessory. Or, why not add a few pearls to your gloves, helping to give you a more stylish winter look.

Hair combs

If you’re looking for a more advanced project idea, you could use Swarovski pearls to create stylish hair combs. These are especially popular for weddings due to their beautiful, elegant designs. You could combine both Swarovski pearls and crystals to create a truly breathtaking design.

Search for tutorials online and you’ll find there’s a range of different styles of Swarovski pearl hair combs you can create. If you’re a beginner to using pearls in your craft projects, you may want to start with some easier projects before attempting this one. However, if you do have the skills, you could even create Swarovski pearl hair combs and then sell them during wedding season, to make a nice little profit!

Overall, Swarovski pearls can be used in so many unique ways. There’s a huge choice of pearls available, and if you’re looking to save money, you can take advantage of our great bulk packs. Take a look at our entire collection today and if you don’t see what you want, contact us. We’ll always do our best to supply our customers with the best, highest quality Swarovski pearls to fit their projects.