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Save Money with Preciosa Flatback Crystals

June 29, 2020 2 min read

Save Money with Preciosa Flatback Crystals

Looking to create your own beautiful crystallised products? While Swarovski remains the most popular and luxurious supplier of crystals, there is another brand that isn’t far behind.

Preciosa is a slightly cheaper crystal brand, offering almost the same level of quality as Swarovski. We have a large range of these beautiful crystal products, and there are numerous ways they can save you money. Below, you’ll discover just some of the ways Preciosa flatback crystals can do just that.

Cheaper than Swarovski

Although Preciosa flatback crystals are very similar to Swarovski crystals, they are sold with a lower price tag. This means you can use them to create high-quality pieces, as with Swarovski, and potentially make a lot more profit.

You can save even more money with our great wholesale packs. Every one of our Preciosa flatback crystals can be purchased in wholesale packs. There's no minimum order required for our standard wholesale packs either. However, if you plan on spending over £100 per month on the site, we recommend signing up to our trade account. This provides more substantial savings across our entire product range.

Sell your creations at a great price

Due to the fact that Preciosa flatback crystals do offer similar quality to Swarovski, you’ll find your creations sell really well. Your customers will also be happy to pay similar prices. This means you can potentially make a lot of profit using these crystals.

Take a look at Preciosa crystal designs online, and see how much other sellers are getting for their creations. You might just be surprised!

Use them in a wide range of projects

Preciosa flatback crystals are extremely versatile. This means you can use them in a wide range of projects. Being able to create a variety of products can ensure you regularly generate some income. If one product dips in popularity, you’ll still have other products to fall back on.

With Preciosa flatback crystals, you can create stunning designs at a fraction of the cost of Swarovski. While Swarovski flatbacks remain the best quality crystals on the market, Preciosa is a very close competitor.

Browse our range of Preciosa flatback crystals today, to see just how versatile the collection is. Remember, you can save the most money by investing in our wholesale packs. If you have any questions about these crystals, give our friendly team a call. You can also check out our projects and tutorials section, to give you inspiration on how to use these impressive crystals.