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How To Add Glamour & Standout With A Fascinator

June 24, 2022 2 min read

It's The Season For Fascinators, make a statement by adding Preciosa Crystals

Fascinators are a uniquely fabulous form of traditional headwear and just like high heels and a statement clutch purse, fascinators are a staple of the ‘formal dress’ special occasion. At major events like Royal Ascot and various weddings across the nobility, we see many stunning examples featuring combinations of feathers, structured fabric, lace and of course; crystals!

The fascinator as we know it today, first came into being during the 1990’s and is positioned to sit primarily on the front section of the head and is designed to frame the face. There are many elements of the design that could be enhanced with a well-placed flat back crystal, which will catch the light and sparkle with every turn and tilt of the head. Fascinators are by design, purely ornamental and often sit on the head with the aid of a clip or headband and cover very little of the head; unless it is what some call a Hatinator, which are larger and incorporate elements of an actual hat. With this ornamental element in mind, this form of millinery is the ultimate canvas for extravagant exhibitions of personal style.

Popular places for crystal embellishment are often on the widest point on the feathers that typically curl up and out of the centre. This widest point is usually near the tip of the coiling plumage and the extra sparkle highlights the outer edges of the piece, giving an almost halo like effect around the head.

Another classic choice is strategically placed gems across the veil section, which is typically designed to curve down over the top section of the face, ending just above the mouth. Crystals enhancements in this region draw attention the eyes and if done correctly, can be incredibly alluring and will give you an air of mystery like a Femme Fetale. An exceptional example of this style was modelled by the iconic burlesque performer Dita Von Tease who embodies vintage glamour across her stunning wardrobe.

Finally for an extra bold sparkle statement, you can place a cluster of Preciosa Crystals at the centre of the fascinator where there is usually a small cap, which acts as a base for the rest of the design. This cap can either be embellished itself or you can attach an additional element like a brooch, this will provide a chance to showcase interesting shapes and larger sizes of crystal.

With the help of a small amount of Gem Tac Glue and a handful of Preciosa Flatback Crystals, all of these wonderful options are available to you. Your only limit is your imagination! If you are running a business you can always apply online and gain approval to purchase Swarovski Crystals for your finished products. Alternatively, we stock Serinity Crystals which are also made in Austria and are the highest quality alternative to Swarovski.