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Irish Dance Costumes: Pattern Inspiration

December 08, 2017 2 min read

Irish Dance Costumes: Pattern Inspiration

Getting primed for a dance competition is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. You can forget your nerves and worries, at least for a while, with some creative time working on your costume. Irish dance costumes are incredibly intricate and beautiful, and you want yours to stand out among the rest, as well as reflecting your dancing style. Adding Swarovski crystals can be that final touch you are looking for to complete your outfit.

We recommend using our Swarovski sew-on crystals, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes, although our most popular for dance costumes are our peardrop sew-on crystals. All of the sew-on crystals come with a small hole (or holes) to sew the crystal onto your garments for a secure fixture, and come with varying thread hole sizes for a discreet attachment. The peardrop Swarovski crystals are perfect for adding to a statement design. If you have a Gaelic embellishment on your costume, add some large statement peardrop crystals in a line down the centre, or coming away from the pattern. Space them about an inch apart using our largest 28mm pieces.

You can also opt for sleeve embellishment. Adorn the length of your sleeves with a line of glittering Swarovski peardrop crystals. To add extra sparkle, create a crystallised cuff adornment, using some smaller loose Swarovski crystals, like our Xirius Lochrose sew-on crystals. These small rounded crystals look stunning in tiny sizes and are attached through their central hole. This crystal pattern can look extra glamorous on a one-sleeved outfit.

Do you have an Irish dance costume with a skin tone neckline that feels a little plain? Add some loose Swarovski crystals, widely spaced, in two to three rows across the chest area of the dress. Our Swarovski sew-on navette crystals are a slender diamond shape and come in 12mm and 18mm. You can go for a subtle Golden Shadow hue to complement the skin tone colour, or decide to stand out with Jet or Crystal AB. These multi-faceted crystals will dazzle and shine as you move on the floor.

Colour is a perfect way for your outfit to make a statement, and if you have a dark costume in hues of black and earthy tones, opt for some of our brighter coloured crystals. Shades like Emerald, Astral Pink, and Lilac Shadow will provide the perfect contrast for an outfit that dazzles as much as your moves do.

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