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Swarovski Crystals - Important Update For Customers

May 20, 2021 2 min read

Important Customer Update Regarding The Purchase of Swarovski Crystals for 2021 and beyond

As a trusted partner, Bluestreak Crystals has been selected by Swarovski to continue selling their beads and crystals throughout 2021 and beyond. From July 2021, Bluestreak Crystals will be one of very few wholesalers worldwide that will continue to sell Swarovski crystals, key points to note:

  • Bluestreak Crystals will continue to sell Swarovski crystals to all customers until September 2021. However, over the course of the coming months, retail packs will be discontinued and wholesale packs will no longer be held in stock.
  • From October 2021 onwards, we can only sell Swarovski crystals to customers that have been approved by Swarovski. Approval is restricted to brands / businesses who create or manufacture a finished product using Swarovski crystals. You can apply to become a Swarovski approved customer by submitting the application form here. The approval process will involve you signing a brand control agreement with Swarovski.
  • The official on-boarding process with Swarovski is due to commence in the coming weeks (latest end of June 2021) and we will be in touch with all customers that have already applied online, when we can move to the next stage.
  • For those customers who are unable to gain approval or choose not to apply, we will continue to sell Serinity, Preciosa and Estella crystals to all customers going forward. These are a great high quality alternative to Swarovski crystals and are available in a wide range of shapes and colours.
  • The majority of worldwide Swarovski crystal suppliers will be closing down over the coming weeks / months. Bluestreak Crystals is not closing, in fact we are expanding our range of crystals, infrastructure and team so that we can cope with increased demand as a result of these changes.
  • The official message from Swarovski regarding these changes and the supply of Swarovski crystals can be found here.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for further assistance.