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Festive Inspired Projects Using Swarovski Flatbacks

December 06, 2019 2 min read

Festive Inspired Projects Using Swarovski Flatbacks

Christmas is just a month away, so what better time to start thinking about your festive decorations? If you’re looking for a new project to get stuck into, creating your own decorations is a great idea.

Not sure what type of festive inspired projects you can partake in? Below, we’ll reveal some great ideas for using Swarovski flatbacks in Christmas projects.

Create your own Christmas ornaments

A fun project you can get started on is creating your own Christmas ornaments. You can do this either for your own decorations, or to sell to your customers.

The great thing about this project idea is that you have an endless number of design options. You could opt for something simple, such as gluing silver, white or gold Swarovski flatbacks all over a Christmas bauble. This will result in a very glitzy Christmas tree ornament. Or, you could invest in several colours, creating unique designs such as snowmen and Santa on the baubles.

If you’re stuck for ideas, do a quick search online for Swarovski flatbacks bauble ideas. You’ll find hundreds of design ideas simply by looking at the image results.

Glitzy Christmas cards

Another easy festive inspired project is creating glitzy Christmas cards. This idea is great for beginners as it requires very little equipment, and again, you’ll find a lot of design ideas online.

If you want a really quick Christmas card design project, simply buy minimalist Christmas cards, and add Swarovski flatback crystals sparingly for a simple glitzy effect. For example, you could use small crystals to add a little sparkle around the words “Merry Christmas”.

Or, if you want a more advanced Christmas card inspired project, why not create your own from scratch? Invest in plain card and then use Swarovski flatbacks to create original festive designs.

Festive glassware

Our final Christmas project idea is creating festive glassware. Take wine glasses, for example. You can give plain wine glasses a glitzy Christmas makeover. Add crystals to the rim of the glass for a simple but luxurious design. Or, create festive inspired designs on the bowl of the glass.

As you can see, there are lots of ways you can use Swarovski flatbacks to create festive inspired projects. The above are some of the easiest projects you can get started on right now. Why not invest in our great value wholesale packs to save money? You’ll find every pack of our Swarovski flatbacks can be purchased in bulk.