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Discover Easy Swarovski Crystals Projects with our Online Resources

August 10, 2020 2 min read

Discover Easy Swarovski Crystals Projects with our Online Resources

Working with Swarovski crystals can be a lot of fun. However, it can be tough coming up with new ideas for projects. The good news is that there are hundreds of ideas online – and you’ll find plenty here at Bluestreak Crystals.

We offer a range of resources to help you discover new project ideas. We also have a lot of great tips and advice on how to use the crystals. Below, you’ll discover some of the ways our online resources can help you discover new ideas.

YouTube tutorials

We have an excellent range of YouTube tutorials you can follow. Whether you’re looking for advice on all things crystal-related, or you’re just looking for design ideas, we have a video you can follow.

We offer complete step-by-step tutorials. These show you exactly how to use the crystals to create beautiful products. As we're an official Swarovski application partner, we are certified to provide application techniques.

Beading projects

You’ll also find that we have an impressive range of beading projects you can follow. All of our ideas are completely free to download and use. Each of the projects featured has been created by our talented in-house design team.

Our project ideas aim to show you how to use a variety of beads and crystals. You can view the instructions online, or print them off for future use. You can also save them as a PDF document to keep them on your computer.

Partner creations

We highlight designs created by our trusted partners on our website. These are available to buy, but they can also be used as inspiration. You can see the types of products our partners create, and how they use Swarovski crystals.

Please be aware that copyright violations will not be tolerated. Our partner creations cannot be directly copied; they should only be used as inspiration for your own unique projects.

As you can see, there are a lot of resources on our website and on our YouTube channel. Whenever you're stuck for ideas, we recommend checking out these useful resources. Don’t forget to stock up on crystals too! We offer bulk packs of Swarovski crystals at discounted wholesale prices. We also have trade accounts for those who spend £100 or more in our store each month. These offer the biggest discounts on our entire product range.