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Create Beautiful Designs with Swarovski Sew on Crystals

October 19, 2018 2 min read

Create Beautiful Designs with Swarovski Sew on Crystals

Swarovski sew-on crystals are perfect for use with clothing, jewellery and embroidery projects. These high-quality, sparkling crystals add style and bling to any project. Complete with tiny holes to help you sew them onto your crafts, for quality and beauty Swarovski sew-on crystals are tough to beat.

Below, you’ll discover how to create beautiful designs with Swarovski sew-on crystals.

Making sure you use the right application

In order to create beautiful designs with Swarovski sew-on crystals, you’re going to need to understand the different application methods. Different crystals and accessories require a different type of application.

For example, plastic trimmings used with the crystals can be applied either by hand or with a sewing machine. However, the majority of Swarovski sew-on crystals and settings are best to be applied by hand. It is possible to use a machine, especially if you’re creating large batches. However, sewing them on by hand does produce the best, high-quality results.

Sew on crystal fashion ideas

So, now you know a little more about the application of Swarovski sew-on beads, what exactly can you do with them?

Using the crystals to add a little glamour to clothing is one of the most popular ideas. In winter, you can help to brighten up jumpers by sewing Swarovski crystals onto them in unique designs. You could use them to create a saying across the front of the jumper, add them to the end of the sleeves for a beautiful decorative touch, or even use them to create a handmade wedding dress once you’ve built your skills up.

Using them for jewellery making

Did you know you could also use sew-on crystals for jewellery making? Rather than sewing them on, you could choose to link the gems together using metal jump rings. Doing so creates connected stones which can then be used to create bracelets, necklaces and even earrings.

There are jewellery projects where you do sew-on the crystals, but it’s best to watch a tutorial on a site such as YouTube before attempting it.

Overall, there are many ways you can use Swarovski sew-on crystals in your project. They can be applied in numerous ways, such as glueing or sewing them to clothing. The above are just some of the best ideas for using Swarovski sew-on-crystals to create beautiful designs. Why not take a look online for further inspiration? We also recommend ordering bulk pack Swarovski sew-on crystals, taking advantage of our wholesale prices.