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Swarovski® Innovations Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Swarovski innovations for fall / winter 2017 2018 at bluestreak crystals

The current Inspirations – “The Nature Of Us” – focus on the influence of sustainability and ethical behaviours on the crucial identity-defining activities of eating, working, traveling.


Swarovski Innovations Fall/Winter 2017-2018 

CRYSTAL LACQUERPRO: CRYSTAL IVORY CREAM & CRYSTAL DARK RED - The new Crystal LacquerPRO colors perfectly resonate with the current consumer mood, where sophisticated shine meets refined sparkle. Highlighting a strong new direction for crystal, the on-trend hues of Ivory Cream and Dark Red convey a sense of timelessness in a subtle, reduced color palette speaking of heritage and authenticity. As a perfect match to the new Iridescent Red Pearl, these new effects continue the allure of Crystal LacquerPRO Powder effects and present a completely new complement to the Swarovski color and effect assortment.

CRYSTAL LACQUERPRO: CRYSTAL DARK GREY, CRYSTAL ROYAL BLUE, CRYSTAL ROYAL RED - Both versatile and extremely classy, the new Crystal LacquerPRO effects merge toned-down shine with polished sophistication, perfectly responding to the current consumer mood. Within Crystal LacquerPRO, Crystal Dark Grey opens up a whole range of mystical yet contemporary design possibilities, while the classic gem colors of Royal Red and Royal Blue create allure with their timeless versatility and add seductive color injections to individual eclectic styles.

CRYSTAL LACQUERPRO: CRYSTAL ROYAL GREEN - Highlighting a strong new direction for crystal, Crystal LacquerPRO answers a growing consumer demand for versatile, eclectic products that combine various features. In the tradition of precious gemstones, the emerald-like Crystal Royal Green brings a high-quality shine to every design. As a perfect match to the new Celine Cousteau Designer Edition, these new effects continue the allure of Crystal LacquerPRO Powder effects and present a completely new complement to the Swarovski color and effect assortment.

CRYSTAL RAINBOW DARK - As we enter a time of monumental shifts in how consumers define themselves, a younger, more irreverent attitude is being incorporated into more modern, edgy glamour directions. Crystal Rainbow Dark is an exciting new metallic effect with a dark, oily pattern that appeals to a generation in which old rules are being thrown out, stereotypes are dead, gender and roles are no longer defined, and designs speak only of beauty. With its blurry surface, this new effect perfectly highlights the transitioning of the new “non-gender” thought process, particularly because its color gradients are unique to every single pearl, making it a quality milestone far removed from cheap mass production that shines a spotlight on creative individualism.

CRYSTAL IRIDESCENT RED PEARL - With people exploring a cultural mash-up of styles and designs, colors no longer simply feature a single hue, but cleverly merge multiple tones together, reflecting a reestablished love of eccentricity and individuality. Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl unites seemingly impossible extremes, oscillating between rich reds and airy gray tones. It serves as a perfect match for the new Crystal Dark Grey and Crystal Dark Red Crystal LacquerPRO effects, creating very elegant designs.


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