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Swarovski® Crystal Strands, Lighting & Curtains

Swarovski Crystal Strands and lighting crystals for interior design of theatre, hotel, home, office, business

From the silver screen to the Oscars, Crystal Strands from Swarovski have long become a design darling among creative minds throughout the world, as they create an intense and complex look with a simple technique. Swarovski Crystals in a large variety of colours, effects and shapes are strung together in sparkling rows, providing an endless source of inspiration for spectacular 2D and 3D installations and unmatched space-altering effects.

purchase your Swarovski crystal strands and crystal curtains from bluestreak crystals an authorised swarovski wholesaler

 Enjoy a whole world of design ideas: smart pinning technology allows for countless application possibilities, ranging from small highlights to lavish ornamentation and from subtle light spots to genuine eye-catchers. Combine different shapes, materials, and lengths to realise your own creative vision.

Swarovski Crystal Strands come in variety of designs to meet your requirements:

 Crystal colours available include; Crystal, Crystal Partly Frosted, Crystal Blue AB and Crystal Golden Teak

 Strand lengths range from 1.5m to 3.5m

 Crystal size (diameter) ranges from 7mm to 28mm  

 Strand pattern and spacing can be regular or irregular

 Spacing between crystals; Varies depending on design

 Strand endings can be Loop or Open ending, please see below: 


Our range of Swarovski Crystal Strands can be found below, if you are unable to find the configuration you are looking for, please complete the Crystal Strand request form here.


Swarovski Crystals Size Chart & Guide
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