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Preciosa Innovations for Autumn / Winter 2022 - Nostalgia For The Future

Preciosa innovations launch for Fall / Winter 2022 - Nostalgia

Preciosa’s AW 2022 campaign, Nostalgia for the Future, is about enhancing the past for a brighter future. 

When contemporary feels out of touch and reality feels a little too real, we are left in a kind of no man’s land, caught between longing for a simpler time and dreaming about a more inspiring future. We bring the past forward through time to hold impossible conversations and invent established tradition. We fill our lives with simple anachronistic pleasures that have nothing to do with convenience. We recycle hackneyed stereotypes and imagine that time flows backwards and not the other way around, all in attempt to alter our collective path forward. At its core, nostalgia is a filter. Perhaps we’ve finally figured out a way to hack the system so as not to need one in the future.

New Products:

Denim Blue

This new colour comes in all standard sizes for both hotfix and non-hotfix flat back crystals and is available with Aurora Borealis (AB) coating.

Crystal Biarritz

This new colour comes in all standard sizes for both hotfix and non-hotfix flat back crystals.

Spike Cone

The new Spike Cone flat back is available in Crystal, Crystal AB, Light Peach and Black Diamond. This shape comes in one size, SS29, and is suitable for hotfix application only.

Range Extensions:


Introducing a new smaller size of 6x3.6mm for the Pear Flatback in Crystal and Crystal AB, which is available in hotfix and non-hotfix flat back crystals.

Fancy Stones

Introducing new smaller sizes of 3x1.5mm for the Navette Fancy Stone and 3x2mm for the Baroque Pear Fancy Stone, in Crystal and Crystal AB.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide