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Swarovski® Crystal Pixie EDGE

Swarovski® Create Your Style has introduced a striking new product to the nail art family: Crystalpixie™ Edge. Stylishly packaged as a 5-gram shot and available in six on-trend colors, Edge features thousands of loose crystals that glitter with a super-sharp bi-cone cut. Unconventional and brilliantly eye-catching, the effect is a glam-punk look that truly makes a statement. A sharply faceted bottle cap reflects the spikier crystals inside, differentiating Edge from the others. Wear alone or mix ‘n’ match with the finer, smoother stones of Crystalpixie™ Petite for myriad designs that celebrate the spirit of individuality. 

Directional looks that you can easily create using Edge and Petite include chintz-floral peasant chic; pierced nails with monochrome and crystal accents; filigree golden graphics against natural gloss; neon ombré disco graphics against vinyl black; child’s play pastel dots, splodges and splashes; holographic multi-chrome effects meets gothic ombré graphics; psychedelic exotica alternated with citrus acids; sugared almond and sugared candy textures; and dramatic monochrome points that update the classic French manicure.

Choose from six Crystal Pixie™ Edge launch themes: White Ballet is pale and interesting, rather than stark, with White Opal softening the sleek minimalism into a delicate alabaster palette reminiscent of ballet’s graceful elegance. Bermuda Blue crystals are used to conjure the mysterious Sahara Blue theme, which takes inspiration from ancient mosaics, Middle Eastern tiles and star-filled desert nights. Cyclamen Opal is the pretty pastel foundation color for Blossom Purple—it sings with the warmth, optimism and romance of spring flowers. Fresh and fascinating, Tropic Seafoam is made with Mint Alabaster crystals and glistens like the waves of a tropical turquoise ocean. The alluring Heart’s Desire uses Indian Siam crystals to enflame our inner scarlet woman into a blazing passion. Cute Mood plays with candy rainbow colors from the Crystal AB to create a fun, girly-pop mood with a touch of eccentricity. 


Swarovski® Crystals Size Chart & Guide

The official Swarovski Crystal Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide