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Why Preciosa Pendants Add The Final Flourish To Your Creations

April 02, 2021 2 min read

Why Preciosa Pendants Add the Final Flourish to your Creations

If small crystals add a classic shimmer to your jewellery pieces, then pendants add a larger, more multi-dimensional radiance to your designs. It doesn’t have to be just jewellery that you affix our Preciosa pendants to, either. Dangling them from garments, shoes and accessories are just some options for these crystal gems. Here are a few reasons why a Preciosa pendant could be the final flourish you’re looking for.


Affordable glamour

Many people define themselves as either a diamonds or pearls kind of person – and that really comes down to how glitzy you like your glamour. The diamond aesthetic has always been synonymous with the classic Hollywood style, and Preciosa pendants allow you to achieve this at a minute fraction of the price tag. With the timeless teardrop shape pendant starting at just £2.24, you can easily scale up the wow-factor in any garments you attach it to.


A natural focal point

A single-thread necklace is about as classically elegant as it gets, but sometimes you want to add a little more to your design – without making it too much of a statement piece. Adding a Preciosa pendant will naturally draw the eye and complement any of the surrounding beads or crystals you place around it. Preciosa pendants allow you to stray away from the original shape of the material you’re working with, whether it’s a necklace thread or piece of clothing, adding a subtle sophistication.

The multi-faceted surface of each pendant also naturally draws attention through its twinkle and sparkle, as light hits each surface. These crystal pendants are perfect for catching the light, during the evening and into the night.


Classic to contemporary

Whichever style of jewellery you ultimately opt for, we have a range of Preciosa pendants to style your pieces with. Some of the more traditional pendants, such as the drop-style crystals will add a romantic tear-drop feature, which would be perfect for more formal designs. The Preciosa Crystal Heart Pendant, meanwhile, adds a playful, more contemporary glitz to your creations.

Whether you’re after a simple circular Preciosa Crystal Rivoli Pendant to hang from garments or accessories, or a romantic heart-shaped pendant to add to children’s jewellery, there are a number of affordable varieties. Remember, too, that these can be stitched onto garments, which could be perfect for dance competition outfits and other fabrics that require a bit of an upgrade!