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Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Crafting with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

May 12, 2020

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Crafting with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

Looking for things to do while you’re stuck in lockdown? Now could be the perfect time to start crafting with Swarovski flatback crystals. These versatile crystals can be used in a wide range of projects.

Here, you’ll discover just some of the reasons why now is a great time to get creative.

Beating the boredom

As nice as it is being able to stay at home, after a while, it’s easy to start getting bored. That’s where creative activities can prove invaluable.

Swarovski flatback crystals come in a huge range of colours, sizes and designs. They can be used in a large range of projects, from jewellery to card designs, and home decoration to beauty. We stock flatback crystal mixes, bandings, and even face and body kits. So, if you’re looking for something to keep you busy, you’ll want to invest in these high-quality crystals.

Earn additional income

As well as being used in hobby-related projects, did you know you could also earn an additional income with these crystals?

If you create your own jewellery, for example, you could sell it online. Swarovski-related products are always popular due to their superior quality. Similarly, you could use them to create beautiful home decor pieces which you could sell on.

There are lots of ways to earn an additional income with Swarovski flatback crystals. If you do plan on investing in them for business use, it’s worth buying our wholesale packs.

If you’ll be spending a minimum of £100 per month at our store, you could also benefit from our trade account. This comes with significant discounts across our entire product range.

Fun projects you can do with the kids

Looking for fun things to do with the kids? Use our Swarovski flatback crystals to create beautiful homemade cards. You’ll have to monitor the kids when using glue to stick them on, but card-making is typically an easy project which they’ll enjoy working on.

You could also let them create their own jewellery. There are so many ways to use them with the kids, and they're sure to love the sparkle the crystals provide.

As you can see, Swarovski flatback crystals can be a great boredom buster. Now that you have lots of extra time due to the lockdown, why not use it as an opportunity to learn something new, or start up a side business? The above are just some of the ways you could use these crystals throughout the lockdown.


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