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Why Buy Swarovski Crystals Wholesale? Here are 3 Awesome Benefits!

April 21, 2018 2 min read

Why Buy Swarovski Crystals Wholesale? Here are 3 Awesome Benefits!

If you do a lot of arts and crafts with Swarovski crystals, you may be able to benefit from buying them wholesale. Whether you create Swarovski themed jewellery and crafts for yourself, or whether you sell such items to your customers, wholesale packs can prove invaluable.

Not convinced? Here, you’ll discover 3 awesome benefits which come from buying Swarovski wholesale packs.

It can work out so much cheaper

By far the biggest reason you’ll want to consider using wholesale Swarovski crystals is because they work out so much cheaper. If you do a lot of crafts, or design your own clothing, buying them in bulk makes much more financial sense than buying them individually.

The amount of money you could save is pretty staggering. However, just remember that in order to benefit from wholesale prices, you do usually need to buy in fairly large quantities.

Never run out of stock

When you buy Swarovski wholesale packs, you’re highly unlikely ever to run out of stock. Imagine working on a craft project, only to realise half way through that you’ve run out of a specific type of crystal. With wholesale packs, you really don’t need to constantly worry about running out!

Of course, if you sell your Swarovski crystal crafts or clothing, this is also great for your customers too. Running out of stock can lead to huge delays in getting a customer’s order finished. This could seriously damage your reputation and potentially lose you business.

Discover a much wider choice of crystals

Often, wholesale packs provide a much wider choice of crystals than you’d find individually. This really expands the types of looks and finishes you can achieve. It can also give you a little inspiration for new designs.

When you choose Swarovski wholesale packs from Bluestreak Crystals for example, you have access to a huge and growing collection. You’ll find crystals in a massive range of sizes, shapes and colours. No other wholesaler has a larger collection of Swarovski crystals than we do. What’s more, each pack is shipped directly from the Swarovski factory in Austria, ensuring the very highest quality.

There are many, many good reasons to consider buying wholesale Swarovski crystals. The above are just three great examples, that'll mean you may want to invest in wholesale packs today. Why not check out our fantastic selection of wholesale crystals, ready to be shipped right now?