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Pantone Viva Magenta - The Best Colour Match of Rhinestones

December 24, 2022 2 min read

Pantone Viva Magenta - The Best Colour Match of Rhinestones

The Internationally recognised colour authority Pantone has declared the official colour of 2023! After a very intense Instagram hype campaign the fashion world can now finally shout "Viva Magenta"!

The fashion industry knows that where Pantones leads, the high street follows. We all saw this last year with “Very Peri” translating into a high street filled with lilac and lavender tones. This means we can expect a year dominated by ruby shades all attempting to resemble Viva Magenta. This is bold new colour seems to revel in it's own tricky uniqueness, not quite red and yet not exactly pink either and with an undercurrent of blue adding further complexity. We at Bluestreak Crystals however, relish the challenge of finding the nearest possible colour match from across our current ranges of flat back crystals and rhinestones.


The Closest Match To Viva Magenta

Here are a few suggestions from our team in the Bluestreak Crystals Studio... 


The closest match of Rhinestones to Viva Magenta, Pantone Colour Of The Year 2023


From within the Serinity Flat back Rhinestones range Light Siam Shimmer catches our eye, the bright red of Light Siam on its own would not work, but with a shimmer coating, it does. Royal Red DeLite from Serinity is quite possibly the best match, and it owes the strength of its colour match to the hue of its' DeLite coating.

From the Preciosa Flatback Crystals range Indian Pink has a coolness that compliments the blue undertones found in Viva Magenta. Padparadscha also has a deep, almost red richness which makes this shade of pink a worthy option.

The Estella Flat back Crystals Range also contains two colours that already appear to pay homage to Viva Magenta. Due to the naturally blue tint of the Estella AB coating, Light Siam AB gets close and for a darker tone while keeping that ruby like sheen, Estella Siam AB is also a contender.

Looking ahead to 2023 it’s worth imagining the colours that would compliment this tricksy shade of dark magenta. Last year Very Peri was frequently paired with lime and mint and it is possible that in 2023 we will see a resurgence of yellow which is a common partner for magenta. As a natural progression of the shocking pink of 2022 it looks like we can enjoy a generally richer and deeper colour pallet.

Do you agree with this forecast? Join the conversation on our various social media feeds across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok and have your say in 2023.


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