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Using Swarovski Chatons to Create Beautiful Vintage Style Clothing

September 02, 2019

Using Swarovski Chatons to Create Beautiful Vintage Style Clothing

The Swarovski crystal range can be used in many different ways. If you’re working with clothing-related projects, Swarovski hotfix crystals tend to be the most popular option. However, if you want to create more unique, vintage-style clothing, did you know that Swarovski Chatons could be a better option?

Here, you’ll discover why Swarovski Chatons are ideal for creating beautiful vintage style clothing.

Easy to use, sew-on crystals

One of the top benefits of Swarovski Chatons is how easy they are to use. There are different types of Chatons you can invest in. If you want to use them to create vintage style clothing, you’ll need the sew-on Chaton variety. Our Swarovski Chaton and Rose Montees collection is ideal. They come already in a setting which can be sewn onto fabric.

The sewing method is much better for clothing than gluing as it forms a much stronger bond. There’s less of a risk of sewn-on Chatons coming loose and falling off than there is with glued-on Chatons.

It’s worth noting that Swarovski Chatons require some form of cavity into which you can insert them. This means they can't just be applied to fabric by themselves. So if you do invest in loose Swarovski Chatons, make sure you invest in metal settings too in order to attach them to clothing.

A great range of designs to choose from

There are so many different designs to choose from in the Swarovski Chaton collection. Some of them have a more modern appearance, so you’ll want to browse the full collection before choosing the best ones for your vintage projects.

For a simple vintage feel, you can stick to silver or metal coloured designs. However, we recommend opting for coloured Swarovski Chatons, as these tend to provide a greater variety of design options. Vintage style clothing tends to have a more colourful design, so investing in a coloured collection of Chatons will help you to achieve the most authentic designs.

As you’ll be working with vintage style fabric, it’s important to know what design you’re aiming for. Sites such as Pinterest will offer you a lot of design inspiration. Typically, you’ll also find instructions on how to create each design. You might want to practice on non-vintage fabric beforehand to reduce potentially expensive waste.

When it comes to creating vintage style clothing, Swarovski Chatons can really help to give it that luxury feel. You could also combine them with Swarovski Pearls for a truly elegant and vintage design.


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