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Unique Ways to Use Swarovski Round Stones

September 29, 2019

Unique Ways to Use Swarovski Round Stones

Swarovski have a huge range of crystals to choose from. Some of the brand’s most popular crystals are featured in its unique collection of round stones. Available in a huge choice of sizes and colours, these stones can be used in a variety of different projects.

Here, you’ll discover some unique ways to use Swarovski round stones in your projects.

Attention-grabbing necklaces

A great way to use Swarovski round stones is to create attention-grabbing necklaces. Our beautiful range of round stones are ultra-sparkly, and available in a great range of colour options.

When placed in the centre of a necklace, these stones really command attention. They can be combined with other Swarovski crystal elements, but even alone, fixed into a metal setting, these stones can help create unique and beautiful necklace designs. 

Friendship rings

Another unique way to use Swarovski round stones is to create friendship rings. You can create them for you and your friends, or make them to sell. The stones are easy to use in ring designs due to the fact that they generally need to be secured in a setting, just like diamonds.

You can play around with the different colours and sizes to create stunning friendship ring designs. This could turn out to be a lucrative business idea!

Unique artwork

While Swarovski round stones are easiest to use in jewellery creations, you can also use them to create unique artwork. One way to do this is simply to arrange the crystals to create an image such as a butterfly, gluing them onto card and then framing the image. You could also use them to embellish picture frames. It’s easy to stick them onto a frame using the relevant metal settings.

There are so many ways Swarovski round stones can be used. The above are some great ideas you can run with, and if you take a look online, you’ll also find hundreds of ideas on how to use these beautiful stones. Whether you’re looking to focus on creating stunning jewellery, or you’re looking for unique ways to use the stones, there’ll be an idea to suit you.

Browse our entire Swarovski round stones collection today. Don’t forget we also supply wholesale packs to help save you money. Each of our stones can be purchased in single or wholesale packs, and you can also sign up for a trade account if you’ll be ordering a large number of these stones each month.


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