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Top Tools and Accessories You’ll Need when Working with Swarovski Nail Crystals

November 15, 2018

Top Tools and Accessories You’ll Need when Working with Swarovski Nail Crystals

When it comes to creating nails to die for, Swarovski nail crystals are a great choice. Designed to impeccable standards, these sparkling, affordable crystals add real glitz and glamour to your everyday wardrobe.

However, if you want to ensure you end up with professional-looking designs, you’re going to want to ensure you have the right tools and accessories. Here, you’ll discover everything you’ll need to use Swarovski nail crystals to create stunning, glistening nail art designs successfully.

Storage box and crystal tray

Before you begin to use Swarovski nail crystals, you’re going to need something to store them in. There’s a lot of storage options out there, but we especially recommend the black storage box for Swarovski flatbacks and crystals. It comes with 12 separate compartments and is perfect for smaller nail crystals. It allows you to separate the crystals into colour blocks, making them much easier to work with.

As well as a storage box, you’ll want to invest in a tray you can keep the crystals in as you work. The Magic Sorting Tray is especially good, as it doesn’t just keep your Swarovski nail crystals within easy reach; it also magically flips them the right way around.

A good quality applicator

If you want to create professional looking nail designs, you’re going to need an applicator tool. Again, there’s a lot of different applicators out there, but when it comes to nail art, the Crystal Katana applicator is one of the best you can use.

Not only will an applicator help you to create more precise, professional looking designs, but it will also significantly reduce the time it takes to apply them.


The final tool you’re going to need is a good quality glue. We stock some of the highest-quality nail art glue in the industry and have recently partnered with Trilogy to offer one of the best glues on the market – the Trilogy Nail Systems brush-on glue.

The unique brush-on applicator makes it super-easy to apply the glue, and you’ll never use more than you actually need. It can be used to apply tips and Swarovski nail crystals.

Once you have the tools above, you’ll be ready to start creating your own stunning designs. Don’t forget to check out our full range of Swarovski nail crystals, sourced directly from the Austrian Swarovski factory. You can also take advantage of our great wholesale prices; contact us now to find out more!


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