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Top Tips for Jewellery Making with Swarovski Pearls

September 13, 2018

Top Tips for Jewellery Making with Swarovski Pearls

Swarovski pearls are perfect for jewellery making projects. Featuring a stunning, elegant design, you’ll struggle to find better quality synthetic pearls at such an affordable price. However, if you want to create the best quality jewellery, you’re going to need to follow a few tips, especially if you’re new to jewellery making.

Here, you’ll discover some of the top tips you’ll absolutely want to follow to create stunning Swarovski pearl jewellery

Make sure you’re choosing genuine Swarovski pearls

When choosing Swarovski pearls, it’s important to make sure you’re buying them from a genuine retailer. There’s a lot of fake pearls circulating the internet and while they may save you money, they aren’t going to produce the same high-quality designs as genuine pearls.

At Bluestreak Crystals, we source our Swarovski pearls directly from the Swarovski factory in Austria. They come in official, branded packaging and we also stock genuine tools to help you with your Swarovski pearl projects.

Selecting the right pearls for your project

Did you know there’s different types of Swarovski pearls on offer? Each will help you to create a slightly different look, so it’s worth understanding the different types out there.

The Cabochon pearls are some of the most popular in our collection. Available in a huge range of sizes and shapes, these pearls feature stunning colours and they’re pretty easy to work with. The iridescent coloured pearls are especially beautiful, perfect for creating stand-out pieces of jewellery.

You can also choose the Swarovski round pearls, which are available in half drilled packs, as well as non-drilled packs. Again, these come in numerous sizes and colours so it’s worth taking a look at the full range before deciding which are right for you.

Start off with something simple

Once you have the right pearls, if you’re new to creating pearl jewellery, you’ll want to make sure you’re starting off with something simple. Pearl drop earrings or pendants, for example, are perfect for beginners.

All you’ll need to create a drop effect pendant or earrings is a chain or wire, 4-5 Swarovski pearls and caps. You’ll find many different tutorials available online, which you can follow to help you create professional looking jewellery.

When it comes to creating Swarovski pearl jewellery, selecting genuine, high-quality pearls is crucial. The above are just some of the tips you’ll need to follow before starting out. Why not take a look at our entire range of Swarovski pearls on offer today?


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