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Things to Avoid When Buying Swarovski Wholesale Crystals

April 25, 2019

Things to Avoid When Buying Swarovski Wholesale Crystals

When you’re producing Swarovski embellished items to sell, it makes sense to save money by buying in bulk. Wholesale prices can be up to 50% cheaper than buying single packs, so the savings you could make if you’re running a business are substantial.

However, as beneficial as buying Swarovski wholesale crystals can be, there are a few things you should really watch out for. Here, you’ll discover some of the top things to avoid when buying Swarovski wholesale crystals.

Don’t get more than you need

One of the key advantages of buying Swarovski wholesale crystals, is that you get to order in bulk at a discounted price. However, as tempting as it might be, it’s best not to order more than you’ll actually need.

Avoid buying through auction

You’ll also want to avoid buying Swarovski wholesale crystals through online auction sites. This is because it’s impossible to check that the crystals are genuine. You could be investing in a bulk lot of imitation crystals which wouldn’t offer anywhere near the same quality as genuine Swarovski crystals.

So, always ensure you’re buying through a reliable wholesale seller such as Bluestreak Crystals. All of our Swarovski crystals are sourced from the Swarovski factory in Austria.

Don’t ignore the terms and conditions

All wholesalers have terms and conditions which need to be met in order to benefit from discounted pricing. Unless you order a certain amount each month, you may be charged additional fees. So, it’s worth checking out the terms and conditions before signing up to a wholesale program.

At Bluestreak Crystals, we offer wholesale packs on all of our products. There are no limitations or minimum order amounts to be aware of. However, we also offer a trade wholesale account. With this account you’ll receive more substantial discounts, though we do have a minimum monthly order limit of £100. Fill out our wholesale trade account application today.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

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