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The Latest Swarovski Innovations for Spring / Summer 2020 at Bluestreak Crystals

February 04, 2019

The Latest Swarovski Innovations for Spring / Summer 2020 at Bluestreak Crystals

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Latest Swarovski Innovations and Inspirations for Spring / Summer 2020 and they are in-stock and available First at Bluestreak Crystals.

Launch day was 1st February 2019 and the new range is already available to purchase via our online store and mobile app.

Highlights from the new range include:

  • Capturing all the youthful joy of the Insta-generation, nothing says it’s time to shine more than Swarovski’s new Kaleidoscope Fancy Stones family. Thanks to Rivoli faceting on the reverse and large facets on the front, these triangular, hexagon and square crystals showcase a radiant and totally new rainbow-like optic. Ideal for jewelry and accessories, the user-friendly glue-in setting option will be very popular with the DIY community.
  • Also new this season is the gently expressive, gemstone-inspired, 50-facet Princess Cut Pendant. Ideal for hand-application techniques such as beading and wire working, as well as sewing, this easy, time- and cost-saving product works beautifully for jewelry and DIY, apparel and accessories. And because it is unfoiled, it makes for stunning standalone, open-back pieces that have an elegant, fine-jewelry look.
  •  In an industry first, the Crystal Electric LacquerPRO family’s six new lacquered effects bring a burst of neon brightness to the Swarovski palette. Made with UV pigments that glow under light, their sparkling pops of color add excitement to sport-inspired casualwear, as well as answering the demand in the dancesport segment for intensely colorful crystals.
  •  Spike Flat Backs & Sew on Stones defy convention with their boldly rebellious “anything goes” attitude. Perfect for sewing, setting, gluing and using with Ceralun, these premium-looking spikes come in two shapes, with two sizes for the Sew-on Stones and three sizes for the Flat Backs—just right for mixing and matching across a spectrum of creative designs, especially footwear and accessories.
  • Beautiful, brilliant and multi-functional, the new Crystal DeLite color palette offers interest and intrigue to any design. The continual focus on hi-lo styling and the casualization of luxury is perfectly captured in the blending and blurring of the iridescent hues in this stunning color range. This radiant crystal collection crosses the divide between the extraordinary and the everyday.
  • The new Crystal Eden Green Pearl is an expression of freedom and fun that steps outside of everyday wardrobes, designers will find their “Eden” in the evergreen color of this beautiful lustrous pearl. An intense, shimmering color that is reminiscent of the 80s, it receives a contemporary update as opulence continues to infiltrate both day and eveningwear. Even the name itself means delight!

If you have any questions regarding the latest Swarovski Innovations please don't hesitate to contact us.


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