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Preciosa Crystals - The Colour Of Summer

May 16, 2022 2 min read

The Colour Of Summer With Preciosa Crystals

With the month of May well and truly under way, we at Bluestreak Crystals feel like we can finally say that Summer is finally on its way! With festivals and fairs filling every field, we want to bask in the colours that make us think of happy days in the sun with a little help from Preciosa Crystals


Let that sun shine bright with shades of yellow:

  • Preciosa Jonquil Round Chatons boast a subtler shade of yellow perfect for complimenting gold or green.
  • Preciosa Bicone Beads in Citrine AB 2x have all the shimmer of AB but they have it on both sides making it extra special and perfect for summer accessories like fascinators and festival fashion.
  • Preciosa Flatback Citrine AB Crystals are perfectly bright are well suited for nailart.
  • Preciosa Elliptic Pearls in Vanilla have a wonderfully organic asymmetry making it perfect for summer boho chique.


Make memories and get green grass stains:

  • Preciosa Channel Emerald Chatons stand out because they are doubled sided, making them great for jewellery and scatter crystals for wedding reception table decoration.
  • Preciosa Emerald Bicone Beads are rich and bold and are perfect all year round for your craft and jewellery projects.
  • Preciosa Flatback Crystals in Emerald come in a selection of sizes and also come in Hotfix for when you want to embellish your clothes.
  • Preciosa Emerald Chatons are pointed on one side and foiled, which helps the colour shine bright.


Gaze up and enjoy those endless blue skies:

  • Preciosa Pearls in Pearlescent are gentle and shimmering, making me think of magical mermaids and festival fairies.
  • Preciosa Round Beads in Indicolite have more facets than bicone beads making them rounder, this means you have plenty of options when crafting your bling.
  • Preciosa Dark Indigo Chatons are dark and mysterious like a midnight sky or the deep blue sea.
  • Preciosa Smoked Sapphire AB Flatback Crystals have a shimmer AB coating over the top giving extra sparkle and would look great on denim jeans or your favourite jacket.


All of these colours and effects can also be found in our Serinity Crystals Range on our website. If you are after a specific colour and want to know all you options, we recommend using the very helpful search bar at the top of the page. If you want to take a closer look at the colours of summer before you buy, we have product videos of Preciosa Crystals on our Instagram, TikTok and YouTube social media channels:



If you have any questions about our range of Preciosa crystals our friendly customer service team is happy to help you via email, phone or the live chat feature which is active during office hours.