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Swarovski Zirconia Stones - As Brilliant As A Diamond

August 17, 2021 1 min read

Swarovski Cubic Zirconia Stones - As Brilliant As A Diamond

As brilliant as a diamond, the Swarovski Zirconia is in a class of its own. Sourced from the highest quality raw materials and available in a range of inventive new designs and cuts, Swarovski Zirconia created stones provide timeless brilliance.


Swarovski Zirconia Available Online Now

We are really pleased to announce that the entire range of Swarovski Cubic Zirconia fine jewellery stones are now available to purchase at Bluestreak Crystals. Every shape, size and colour is available in wholesale packs at the best online prices.

Swarovski Zirconia Stones can be found under the following collections:

  • Marquise Brilliance Cut
  • Oval Brilliance Cut
  • Pear Brilliance Cut
  • Round Brilliance Cut
  • Square Brilliance Cut
  • Fancy Cuts


Swarovski Distribution Partner

Bluestreak Crystals is one of very remaining worldwide Swarovski Wholesalers that will continue to sell the full range of Swarovski crystals throughout 2021 and beyond. If you register to become a Swarovski Approved Customer, you can continue to purchase Swarovski Cubic Zirconia stones for your business / brand.