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Swarovski Wholesale Crystals – A Great Way to Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

August 25, 2019 2 min read

Swarovski Wholesale Crystals – A Great Way to Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality

When you’re trying to boost your business and increase your profits, one thing that’s going to help is saving money with your suppliers. Did you know that if you use Swarovski crystals in your products, you can save significant amounts of money on the cost of those crystals?

At Bluestreak Crystals, we supply genuine Swarovski wholesale crystals. These are designed to save you money without sacrificing on quality. We have a number of wholesale options, ensuring all of our customers can make savings.

Choose from a range of wholesale options

Unlike a lot of our competitors, we offer a range of Swarovski wholesale crystals. You have two main options, which are:

  • Order any crystals at wholesale price
  • Open up a trade account

We offer every single Swarovski crystal range at wholesale prices. So, no matter whether you’re looking to buy Swarovski beads, pearls or applicators, you can order in bulk packs, as well as single packs, at the checkout.

Our trade accounts are designed for those who will be ordering large quantities of Swarovski wholesale crystals. For example, you’ll need to order at least £100 worth of crystals each month to qualify for a trade account. This gives you access to the entire Swarovski crystal range at a reduced price.

If you plan on spending over £2000 per month, you could also qualify for larger discounts and a monthly credit limit. So no matter how much you plan on ordering each month, there’s a wholesale option to fit your needs.

Genuine Swarovski crystals guaranteed

We are a genuine Swarovski wholesaler, and the crystals we source come directly from the Swarovski factory in Austria. They're factory-sealed, and you can see a copy of our authorised wholesaler certificate here

Unlike our competitors, we offer our entire Swarovski crystal range at wholesale prices. Many simply offer you a small selection, but every single style and colour of Swarovski crystal is available through us. If Swarovski produce and sell a crystal, we’ll have access to it, thanks to our relationship with the Austrian factory.

If you’re looking to increase your profits without sacrificing on quality, Swarovski wholesale crystals are a great investment. Why not check out our full range today to see how much you could potentially save? Remember, if you plan on making large orders, you could benefit from a trade account which offers much more substantial savings over our traditional wholesale accounts.