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Swarovski Body Crystals Wholesale for Dance Competitions

March 24, 2018

Swarovski Body Crystals Wholesale for Dance Competitions

If you’ve got a dance competition in the future, Swarovski crystals are an invaluable tool for creating that sparkle and unique design to make you stand out. Buying Swarovski crystals wholesale means you can create and adapt any design you want – and not just on your costumes. Bedazzle your body with Swarovski body crystalswholesale, for that je ne sais quoi you’re looking for!

At Bluestreak Crystals we carry a Body Crystals collection made up of Swarovski flatbacks designed specifically for body art purposes. The range comes in every size and colour made by Swarovski, and can be purchased in small packs or wholesale. The self-adhesive rhinestones are easily applied to skin without irritating or causing pain, although we do recommend a test application first. The flatback texture of the crystals mean they will adhere to even your contours.

Complement your competition makeup with body crystals to enhance your artwork. If you’re going for a water theme, add in some Air Blue Opal and Crystal Royal Blue for extra depth. Work a design around the eyes, following the arch of the eyebrows, and adding one at each corner of the eye, like Crystal Paradise Shine for an iridescent glimmer. Crystals come as small as 1.8mm and as large as 7.2mm.

Frame your face with a design focused on one side of the face, beginning around the temple and swirling down the cheek to the chin. Using a combination of tiny crystals, medium, and large, this will create a statement look that will be particularly impressive for your dance routine.

Create peacock eyes; using a triangular shape, work outward from the outer corner of your eye with tiny crystals. The colours Denim Blue, Crystal Metallic Blue, Fuchsia, Iridescent Green, and Royal Green create just the effect for stand out body art. Brush in complementing coloured eye shadow to complete the look.

If your dance involves handwork, make sure they stand out with body art crystals. Follow a Henna-esque design, tracing the shapes of the fingers in graduating sizes. Colours like Rose AB and Royal Green add bold depth, while Dark Grey and Ivory Cream suit a more subtle colour theme.

A two-piece dance costume may mean you have less material to adorn, but more skin. Brighten up your belly with wholesale body art crystals. From concentric circles surrounding your belly button, to elaborate swirling designs, your skin is a canvas you can use in your favour. We love Dark Rainbow to brighten up a pastel outfit. Iridescent Green and Light Siam AB create contrasting tones that will draw attention to your core. Make your movements count!


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide