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Six Things You Didn’t Know You can Make Shine with Swarovski Crystals

February 04, 2018

Six Things You Didn’t Know You can Make Shine with Swarovski Crystals

At Bluestreak we’re all about crystals, for rejuvenating old items, getting creative, and adding a touch of glam to everything. We have a huge range of Swarovski flatbackand sew-on crystals available – here are some new ideas for how to use them to spice up your life!

1. Create a crystal bib on an existing dress with sew-on crystals. If you’re looking to brighten up an item that may be on the way out, why not elevate it to another level? With this unique look you can re-create the glamour of a pendant necklace on your top with well-chosen crystals from Bluestreak’s range of hotfix, sew-on round and shaped crystals. All it takes is some planning, and a quick design to mark where you intend to place them to avoid any errors

2. Add some sparkle to a grey sweatshirt. The staple grey sweatshirt has made a big comeback in the last few years, so add some contrasting crystals to this piece of urban leisurewear and give it a touch of femininity. A butterfly or simple animal motif can elevate it to a unique, bespoke piece. At Bluestreak crystals there is a huge range of Swarovski crystals available, as well as information for anyone looking to embark on a new creative project!

3. Add some dazzle to denim. Denim and corduroy are still hugely popular, but why not make yours stand out? You don’t have to go all out on that dark denim shirt and make it look like a 3rd grade art project; think subtlety. Some elegant Swarovski flatback crystals on just one seam near the waist can turn a generic piece into a unique one.

4. Saddle up – if you’re into horses then bring some crystals into your riding. A leather saddle can go from boring to beautiful with a simple motif of subtle crystals on the saddle and the reins.

5. If you’re a shoe kind of girl then get creative. If you’ve got some plain black heels that are on their way out, then breathe new life in to them with Swarovski hotfix and sew-on crystals – again, less is more. A simple motif around the heel can add a touch of understated elegance and prolong their life.

6. Creative interiors – don’t just think of crystals as a clothing add-on. You can use them to add some sparkle to old cushions, to bring that touch of old-school glamour to your living room. Even better, why not use them to make a statement piece of art? All you need is hotfix crystals added onto a canvas which you can then frame. It can be as simple as a butterfly or as elegant as a crystal encrusted cross – let your creative juices flow!

So if you’re inspired by our list then get over to Bluestreak Crystals and get creative. We offer a huge range of Swarovski crystals and pride ourselves on super-fast turnaround and delivery. After all, those old shoes can’t wait forever!


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide