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Set Up Your Jewellery Business With Swarovski Wholesale Crystals

August 25, 2018 2 min read

Set Up Your Own Jewellery Business with Swarovski Wholesale Crystals

Are you thinking of setting up your own jewellery business, but worried you don’t have a huge budget to get started? Swarovski wholesale crystals could be just what you need.

Sold at discounted prices, buying your crystals in bulk could save you a significant amount of money. Here, you’ll discover how to set up your jewellery business with wholesale crystals.


Consider the type of crystals you’ll need

When you’re starting out with a jewellery making business, you need to decide which type of crystals you’ll need. Different types of jewellery will require different types of crystals. So, you can’t just order any old packs of crystals at wholesale, as if you order the wrong type, you’ll simply be throwing money away. We typically find our mixed crystal packs are ideal for start-up jewellery businesses as they provide a range of different crystals to get you started.


Start off small

While Bluestreak Crystals do provide large wholesale bulk packs, we recommend starting off small. This is because while you will save a lot of money, it’s unlikely you’ll use a large quantity while you’re building the business up. This means you’ll have a lot of surplus stock that you’ll need to look after. There is a risk they could become damaged the longer they’re left unused. So, be realistic about how many crystals you actually need to get started.


Don’t forget the tools you’ll need

As well as the actual crystals themselves, you’re going to need some tools to allow you to work with the crystals properly. Applicator tools, strong adhesive, findings, pliers, cutters and embellishment sets are all worth looking into.

You’ll also want to ensure the tools you use are specifically designed with Swarovski crystals in mind. That way, you know they’re going to be 100% compatible and safe to use alongside the crystals.

We do recommend doing as much research as you can into the different types of crystals and tools available to ensure you’re making the right purchase. After all, you’re only going to make your jewellery making business a success if you invest in the right equipment.

Why not take a look at our great range of Swarovski wholesale crystals today? All of the crystals we sell can be bought in bulk quantities. As your business grows, you could also save even more with our trade discount accounts. Contact us today to find out more!