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How To Create Summer Nails With Preciosa Rhinestones

May 05, 2021 2 min read

How To Create Summer Nails With Preciosa Rhinestones

Summer is a time to look your best, and decorating your nails is a great start. If you’re after a striking and personal look this summer, Preciosa rhinestones could be your best choice.


Preciosa rhinestones for nail art

Preciosa crystal nail art allows you to create truly unique nail designs. If you’re heading to the beach and want to go for a minimalist yet stylish look, use a clear varnish on your nails and then place a small number of crystals – perhaps even just three or four – to add some subtle personality. On the other hand, if you’ve booked tickets for a festival, why not go all out and cover your nails with tessellating crystals, ready to sparkle in the sunshine?

For a crystal pack to cover every occasion, have a look at our Preciosa Faerie crystals. These packs contain a mixture of crystal balls and double cones. The crystals are long-lasting, and really have the wow factor that many of us need this summer – they’ll sparkle either in the sunshine or under evening lights. Preciosa Faerie crystals are designed to cover your nails in a way that no others do. The different shapes mean that you can create unique looks. The Preciosa nail crystals are popular for their variety – you can purchase them in many shapes and colours. You won’t have to compromise on your design vision, and every creation will look entirely different to the previous one.


Simple but effective

If you’re using Preciosa Faerie crystals, first apply nail glue or varnish, then sprinkle the crystals on while your nails are still wet. For Preciosa rhinestones, again apply nail varnish or nail glue, but then carefully place each crystal where you want it. Always allow plenty of time so that you don’t end up rushing your nail designs. However, once you’ve experimented with a few designs, you’ll be able to speed up.


Endless design possibilities

When getting started, you have several choices in terms of design. You could either settle down with your crystals and experiment on your nails straight away. Or, if you’d prefer to gather inspiration first, you could do an online search for crystal nail designs. You’ll find many design examples, either to replicate or to adapt to your own ideas and personality. 


Style and shimmer at affordable prices

Preciosa rhinestones are easier on the wallet than Swarovski crystals, but are still high-impact and quality, and look just as beautiful. If you’re committed to long-term stunning nails, you may want to invest in a great value Preciosa nail crystals wholesale pack. Alternatively, if you’re thinking of developing your nail art into a business, a trade account might be best for you. For a minimum monthly spend of £100, you can access the best discounts and deals.


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