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Preciosa Crystals Innovations for Fall / Winter 2023

October 11, 2022 2 min read

Preciosa Crystals Innovations for Fall / Winter 2023

Preciosa have always prided themselves on their long-standing heritage of Preciosa Crystals being made with Bohemian Cut Glass from the Crystal Valley in the Czech Republic, but now they are powering forward into the future with fascinating chemical engineering technology, which they have woven into the very essence of their latest Preciosa Crystals Innovations for Autumn/Winter 2023.


A mesmerizing new colour

Mesmera is unique because it was developed in conjunction with the prestigious Czech Academy of Sciences and contains Neodymium. This hypnotic new Preciosa flat back crystal appears differently under natural and synthetic light wavelengths, flickering between purple and green. This is because of the presence of Neodymium inside the glass, which is famous for its metameric properties, meaning it makes glass change colour under different lights. This rare-earth metal was made available to Preciosa when the Department of Environmental Engineering contacted them saying that this substance was being produced as a by-product of recycling electromagnetic car parts. This exciting new product is a true example of one mans waste being another mans gold!


All that glitters

The new Glitter effect gives a subtle wink of iridescence that is more delicate than the classic Aurora Borealis (AB) coating that many of us know and love. This new effect is available exclusively in selected colours of Preciosa Bicone Beads. This shimmering new coating, dazzles without dominating its underlying colour, making it perfect for blending within your beading or jewellery making projects.


Colour Extensions

The Preciosa Rivoli Chatons range now comes in nine additional colours, including costume jewellery classics like Jet, Blue Zircon, Chrysolite, Peridot, Topaz, Light Peach, Violet, Jonquil and Sapphire.

The magnificent Preciosa Cushion Square Fancy Stones now includes six extra colours in two of its available sizes. These new colours include Fuchsia, Jonquil, Light Rose, Light Sapphire, Rose and Tanzanite. This range also now includes three extra coating effects including Vitrail Light, Bermuda Blue and Nightfall, giving you more options than ever.


Maximum quality

Preciosa has been pushing for even more of their classic flatback crystal shapes to achieve their premium quality standard. They are proud to now welcome the Navette, Square, Triangle, Pear, Baguette and Rivoli flatback shapes into the club of MAXIMA quality.

We at Bluestreak Crystals find these Preciosa Crystals Innovations extremely exciting and are proud to offer these latest products on our website. You will find these innovations featured across our various social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Visit the link below to see Mesmera AB in one of our recent embellishment tutorials on TikTok.



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