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New Website Wishlist

November 08, 2016

New Website Wishlist

Dear Customers,

A customer called our office last week and enquired if we had a Wishlist on our new website. Unfortunely this was not something we had considered when designing the new website. However, after a quick discussion in the office we realised that some of our customer may find this useful and it was a great idea to add this functionality.

Items can be added to your wishlist by clicking on the heart images next to the product. You can view the items in your wishlist from the top right-hand corner of the menu-bar and from here it is possible to share your wishlist with friends and family via e-mail or social media.

Important note - if you want the items in your wishlist to be retained, you will need to register an account on the website. Full details of the Wishlist feature can be found here

Huge thanks to Mi Web Design, for adding Wish List functionality to the fabulous website that they designed for us.

I hope you like this new feature and find it useful. If you have any questions please contact the team at Bluestreak Crystals


Shaun Middleton (Company Director)


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